Invocation of Thosis.

This is an Invocation of the composite Deity Thosis (Thoth/Isis). Invoke often!

Arrangement of the Temple:
Create a Magickal circle and mark the cardinal points with candles. Set an Altar in the East, decorate with symbol of Thosis, a living plant, Incense burner and statues or pictures of Thoth and Isis. The aim of the Rite is to invoke the composite, androgynine deity THOSIS.

Weapons & Layout:
East- Altar, Dagger, incense, white candle- AIR
South- Wand, red candle- FIRE
West- Chalice, blue candle- WATER
North- Pantacle, green or brown candle- EARTH
(Pad and pencil within circle in case of visions)

Purification and Consecration:
Take chalice containing salt water to Altar, raise above head and say “Oh you souls of NIGHT, water dwellers, purifiers, ye of the Sycamore Tree of ISIS. I have come for thee! By the Blood, by the Power, by the Magick of ISIS, establish yourselves within this vessel. Vibrate into chalice “ISET MU”. Sprinkle water around circle in a clockwise (Deosil) direction, purifying all magickal instruments until you return to EAST. Dab water on forehead and FEEL pure and focussed. Return chalice to WEST.
Take incense censer from Altar and hold above head, say “Oh you souls of DAY, fire dwellers, consecrators, ye of the fire staff of THOTH, I have come for thee! By the Blood, by the Power, by the Magick of TAHUTI, establish yourselves within this censer. Vibrate into censer “TAHUTI ASH”. Carry censer around circle as before, consecrating everything with the incense until you’re back at EAST. Smudge some incense ash on forehead and say “ISET & TAHUTI are pure, the Temple is Pure, the Temple is pure I am pure, I am purified with the waters of the Goddess, I am consecrated by the flame of the God!” Replace censer on the Altar.

Five Bodies Cross:
Draw down Light as in Kabbalistic Cross
Instead of ‘Ateh’ say ‘SAHU’ above head
Touch Solar Centre say ‘KHU’
Point below say ‘AUFU’
Touch Right Shoulder say ‘KA’
Touch Left Shoulder say ‘HAIDIT’
vibrate “THOSIS!”

Invoking Pentagram Ritual:
East: Draw invoking AIR pentagram, stab centre and vibrate “Aset Nef”
South: Draw invoking FIRE pentagram, stab centre and vibrate “Tahuti Ash”
WEST: Draw invoking WATER pentagram, stab centre and vibrate “Anqet Mu”
NORTH: Draw invoking Earth pentagram, stab centre and vibrate “Tetu Ta”

About me flame the Pentagrams and within me shineth the six rayed star of THOSIS! Mighty of Magick, Mother and Father of Khem, Brother and Sister of the Moon, Neters of Love, Wisdom and Mystery I invoke Thee! Let the Ibis and the Kite join in spiralling flight and make UNION! Combine thy Lunar mysteries and come unto me! Thoth, Isis, Thoth, Isis, THOSIS, one being, THOSIS, liquid mercurial Deity of Infinite Power, Thee I invoke! ISETH, THISIS, THOSIS, Thee I Invoke!
Imagine as best you can Isis and Thoth uniting and becoming one being. See the symbol of THOSIS glow with brilliant white light. Feel you have successfully invoked the qualities of Thoth/Isis- THOSIS…

Thosis Wand:
(Similar to Middle Pillar Exercise)
Imagine sphere of white astral light above Crown chakra and vibrate “Thosis”, repeat at each classical chakra (Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base), draw energy from Crown into centre of the Earth and back up through the Crown, breathe up and down at least four times creating a toroidal (donut shape) energy field. While sitting in this healing, beneficial force field project your ‘intentions’ out into the multiverse. If you have prepared sigils activate them now. After this stay relaxed and grounded in the circle. You may want to write down any words symbols or visions you received during meditation. Give yourself time to ground fully. When you’re ready, do the BANISHING forms of the Elemental Pentagrams…

Repeat Five Bodies Cross

Give thanks to each direction as you blow out the candles, from North to East. Give License to depart. When back to ‘normal’ consciousness, say the words ‘Ahista Tah!”

The Ritual is now Complete


Preparatory Notes for ‘Votary of Isis’ Ritual, 16th March 2008.

Purple Candle: I choose a Purple Candle to represent myself. It’s my favourite colour. It’s mixture of Blue and Red symbolising Water & Fire, and is close to Violet, the highest perceivable colour frequency on the spectrum, & therefore, all the Chakras from Base to Crown. The Blue of the Sky with the Clay of the Earth. My Blood is Red, my Eyes are Blue and my Whole Self I Pledge to YOU! In the candle is symbolized Love, Strength & Mystery!

Desires of the Heart- Love: I have chosen a Flower, The Lily to represent the ‘Desires of my Heart’. It’s a traditional symbol of Magick, Love & Beauty, qualities you posses & I seek. Its Stem is the Green of the Heart Chakra, its Flower the White of Pure Spirit. I ask that You allow me to Love & be Loved unconditionally and to work with You Isis with a Pure & Happy Heart!

Strength: I have chosen a Feather as a symbol of Strength. It’s light & flexible but gives the Mighty Power of Flight! Allow me these qualities as I do Your Work! To Fly through the Multiverse. The Strength to Free me from Past Mistakes & make me Strong & Flexible enough to face the Infinite Future with Humour & Lightness of Spirit. Give me the Strength to Forgive & be Forgiven & the Balance to follow Your Light & Love Great Isis!

Mystery: I choose the Egg as a symbol of the Divine Feminine that You represent. It represents Creation & the Mystery of ‘Something out of Nothing’. The Miracle & Joy of Life & the Multiverse.
Allow me to Penetrate Your Veil of Mystery and through Creativity, Fertilize the Ovum of The Infinite Future! Allow me to be an Initiate of Sacred Knowledge for the Good of all Life, Light & Love & to Know & Love You Great Mother Isis!

I Saroth, Votary of Mother ISIS, Father THOTH & Brother HORUS! I Celebrate Your Existence Mother/Father/Brother! I have chosen my Three Areas of Hermetic Study which i Dedicate to You in the Pursuit of Your Sacred Teachings! Help me & Guide me in this oh Immortal & Irreducible Family!
I also ask You for the Ability to Manifest the Independence to Allow me not to be Distracted from the Glorious Path of Knowledge by Mundane Duties!
I Request to Expand Freely into the Infinite, Living Always in the Positive NOW!

* Note 16th of September 2015
Not long after this we performed an outdoor Rite of Isis at the Spring Equinox, (i may publish this in the future). I DID gain independence after this Rite!

Magical Diary 2008.

Magical Diary 2008.

Speaking as…

Speaking as a human being, i had no idea that initiation was not a one time deal. Not even like smack where one taste tends to lead to addiction, there are no gradual initiations. make one vow and you’re in… magicked up forever. Of course one tiny taste is not enough to hurl you into the Abyss but it will begin a process that cannot be stopped. Why would it? Push a button, perform certain formulas and warheads are launched and babies conceived. If you didn’t wanna start the war you shouldn’t have activated the code…
Magick, like Time, is speeding up, or mebbe it’s the other way around, Who can possibly know? Magick is not about knowing, it’s about asking…

I’ve noticed a strange phenomena as my personal mojo clock races towards it’s Omega point. Whenever i sit at my computer (i gave up TV when the mind control of washing machines and impossible wives grew too unreal) i always have some kind of audio input, but am reading or writing at the same time. Whether it be BBC Radio 4 or some bizarre youtube stuff, whatever i’m reading/writing is reflected in what i’m listening to. This is perhaps explainable when listening to a Youtube ‘occult’ themed podcasts but it seems that whatever random shit i’m listening to becomes entwined with what i’m thinking!

It’s getting uncanny, i can’t remember specific instances because it’s become so common i can’t remember even the most (seemingly) obvious examples . I have no idea what ‘quantum entanglement’ means… well, i do but i can’t explain it and this is not an essay.

I like the Crowley quote where he lists a list of magickal concepts and jargon (i’m too lazy to google them) and then blows the whole lot away by saying that no ‘objective’ reality should be attributed to any of it… to paraphrase (quite closely i believe) “If you do certain things, certain things will happen”

Push a button, perform certain formulas and warheads are launched and babies conceived. If you didn’t wanna start the war you shouldn’t have activated the code…


Journal Fragment: October 2nd 2057, ‘Declaration of an Adept’? (Indecipherable)

E… firmly none as Dee declaire mysah the nehpetS ov thi eaR
The Orgatron, The Eskatrine,  IMBALA und the OBO!

See thi Nighs und Gnots, thi Eeg und thi Aag!

Complexing thi Ooperotion of ABBAMELERION, E proclimb mysah IPISTOLISK!

E hove krosset ———-* (Editors note, due to the poor condition of the manuscript, missing portions of text will be denoted by—-*) und hove klaimed inter mi THI OOmniVorce!


Thi Slippoforce hove bin varnished to thir revokations. E priklome misile IMARAGIS!
Thi Who arr inn thi Habs, thi Stoons have bin roled. E ————* und hove scorporealized thi Oother!
E vidicated the Zil und thi Nero, thi Hoy und thi Fessure, thi Kan ov thi Koz!
Thi Burrow ov thi Filomont, Transpressor ov the Estasag!
Eye iz thise dayz, Beround prescientile und Footdore ———* ————*



Journal Fragment, October 2005: “Untitled’

Dee lay stretched out on the dilapidated couch, oily and paint stained, eyes flickering open. An almost pleasant ache lingered around his temples from the night before, scorched tin foil lay winking at him on the low table, ashtrays, wine bottles, tubes of oil paint…
He squinted as the bright sunlight found it’s way through the gaps in the confusion of masking tape, curtain and canvas on the studio’s large windows. His mind caressed the vivid dreams of morning as he reached for his cigarettes and eyed the large refrigerator, humming it’s hymn of cold beer and last nights leftovers. Small party last night… He pats his pockets until the sound of pills rattling in a bottle reassures him he hasn’t lost them. He cracks open the childproof top and shakes five blue tablets into his palm and places them on his tongue, he likes the sweet taste and sucks them till they melt.
His dreams have become more interesting since he started his ‘dream journal’ and he reaches for it before the already fading ghost is disappears completely.

The sigil I did yesterday seems to be working already as all through my dreams I was finding money, tucked away in books. One and two pound coins pouring out of an old diary, crumpled notes appearing in pockets. I’d been in a shop with a friend I hadn’t seen for years, trying on weird outfits… an expensive shop. A grey boating blazer with subtle grey stripes with a voluminous scarf of the same material attached. I’d totally have worn it… the scene shifted (or mebbe it was a different dream?) and I’m with my brother and a gorgeous girl with red curly hair and Modigliani green eyes, in fact she looked like a girl I knew a long time ago… she was at a piano in ‘The College’ (again this place, always spend at least part of my dreamtime here, always in small groups of people who are kinda familiar but not). Ally was on guitar and I was trying to explain something about octaves (I know nothing about octaves, I leave that to the musicians, I just shout into the mic and write lyrics!) I wanted her to play an octave higher than the guitar… it faded out after that...

Dee goes to the fridge, it is kinda early for a beer but he’s still half drunk anyway and he can feel a hangover gathering like grey clouds. He pulls a freezing pint tin of Budweiser from the twelve pack untouched from last night and pops it open…

On the easel stands his latest painting, a cityscape in blues, pinks and crimson, the way the light catches it makes it look like stained glass. There are more canvases, scattered around the large square room, radiating light and thick daubs of titanium white…

We are history.
Everything happens NOW!
Mother & Father were wolves.
Pan the European.
Radio Stalingrad crackles… SURRENDER!

Born of Fire,
Bones bleached desert white, in the nuclear winter.
We watched starlings swarm like bees,
Tracers under Union Bridge.

Believe this story when you hear it… Some sailors said.
That before there was land, everything was water.
Fish eventually became monkeys and built the land.
Humans were invented by god and saved by jesus.
The land became nature and people made centuries.
people remembered god but then killed him, several times!

Everybody knows, the screen stops you seeing.
Climb through the T.V.’s empty soul and set free those little people trapped inside…
The soul is an Eagle, or an Arrow, or just a weightless shadow that dwells within this frame of bone
I remember sunlight and walking down University Road…
Everything is so quiet and still i feel like i’m frozen in an old photograph
lying dusty in a drawer.
become an artifact, immortal, to step ‘Out of TIME’.


Channel: Melchizedek (Dec 2012)

We cannot give you new info every day, you must work through what has already been given. If we overburden you with info you will become confused and unable to act. The crystal which we will call the Thoth stone/crystal will become a vital, useful and necessary tool. It should not be touched with bare hands until the next major working, the timing of which will decided by you. Every time you tune in, place the crystal as it is now between you and it will gather information and transmutational power. It should be kept in the cloth in which it now sits, treat it like a plant, sunlight is its water, moonlight also. You both received info in this session relating to an element and a number and two names. The first name is Isis = I S which could be interpreted as I IS ISIS also IS IS = two positives. English is a magical language which has supplanted Greek and Hebrew. There is meaning beyond the surface of the word. Thoth is the second name who is THE THE also, THAT, THEM, THOSE, THEIR. Thoth and Isis combined is THIS which speaks its own truth. The number was 3, three is the 1st magical number. Meditate and contemplate the number 3. We are guiding you toward a new Kabbalah which incorporates numerology, symbology and semiotics . This you must research yourselves,with our help of course. The element is Earth. Earth also contains the letters T H, draw your own conclusions from this.

We do not want to jabber on unnecessarily . You must be the source of your own power but know that we are always here but

sometimes we must be silent in order to let you grow straight.

Congratulations on picking up the new current. You are each responsible for your own progress but i repeat, we will always be here. Now go and bring magic  into the world  by speech and deed. That is all.


The Saroth Blues. Part one: Demon!

Living magically can be hard when you’re struggling to survive, pay bills & come off heavily addictive drugs. Performing daily rituals and exercises isn’t easy when you’re cold, hungry and lonely.

I call on you Ganesh, the first GOD i ever saw in a vision. I invoke you Isis, Mother Goddess to whom my first rites were dedicated. I ask you Thoth, who spake through me to help me help myself!

My pen has run dry, my brush has no paint, the winter is coming, my will’s growing faint.
I ain’t tired of living but my living is tired
I ain’t scared of dying but think i have died

(outside my window a drunken demon screams mad laughter…)

Magick seemed to come easy to me. Within the first six months of half hearted rituals and sigils i’d inherited a large sum of money from a great aunt i never knew existed and began receiving ‘channels’ from a series of entities culminating in a series of conversations with a being who called himself Thoth, later preferring Thosis (he didn’t want me to be mocked for claiming to be in communication with such a high ranking deity). Thosis was also fitting because TH=Thoth – IS= Isis, our magick was to combine Jill’s feminine energy with my own masculine polarity.

I got a self initiation manual and did the rituals, proscribed reading and indeed, everything my paper master told me for about 18 months, rarely missing a day. I collected side altars and fashioned wands, consecrated daggers, adorned myself in ‘magick’ rings, pouches and crystals and became, Saroth the Mage. I had intense visionary experiences, did my gematria like a good little kabbalist, filled notebooks with sigils, spells & strange alphabets. The magick was working but i was keeping a part of myself back, hiding my drug use from friends and family. I rarely did heroin anymore but realized i’d become addicted to what i’d viewed as a ‘chaser’ to the hard stuff. I began swallowing increasing amounts of cheap, fake, street valium (just as addictive but chemically patchy). The first time i tried to stop i managed about 3 weeks of intense suffering as the sea of forgetfulness was ripped from the landscape of hungry receptors in my brain. I smoked a powerful joint of skunk one night and had what can only be described as an ‘episode’. I started going over all the shitty things i’d done in my life, every lie, every treacherous deed, every person i’d hurt with my arrogance and vanity, the girls i’d cheated on, worse, things going way back to childhood. The voice in my head became externalized and demonic, harsh and mocking. it echoed around my high ceilinged room. I was so disassociated and strung out i was fragmenting and part of me was swallowing the other like the crocodile Sobek. My heart had been weighed against the feather of Ma’at and fallen horribly short! No banishing ritual could help me now, i was too weak to do anything but listen to my demon as he walked me through every burning shame and hidden fear… I eventually just pulled the quilt over my head until the rage died down…