Review of ‘The Banned Lecture’ by Julian Vayne

The Banned Lecture by Julian Vayne

Julian Vayne is clearly a dangerous man. His lecture ‘Getting Higher Without Drugs’ which has been printed in pamphlet form, has been deemed too subversive to be delivered to the fine young minds of ‘The Oxford Psychedelic Society’ and has now earned a nice red ‘BANNED’ stamp on its front cover, which as we know, somewhat like a parental advisory sticker on a CD cover, will only enhance its reputation among rebellious students, occultniks and open minded enquirers everywhere.

In this slim tract Vayne dares to suggest that not only is getting high a natural, even necessary part of the human experience but it doesn’t require so called illegal drugs either!

In a few short pages Vayne suggests many techniques to expand consciousness and enable healing which are drawn from his background as an occultist, psychedelic experiencer and teacher. He discusses the merits of both inhibitory (catabolic) practices like candle gazing, flotation chambers and motionless meditation as well as excitatory methods (anabolic) such as drumming, dancing, piercing and sexual ‘edging’. All of these practices, using only the body and mind of the subject will produce profound, sometimes scarily tangible results as quickly as a dose of acid or E, without the risk of bad doses or arrest.

Oxford and Cambridge Universities have long been where the educated ‘elites’ have gained their degrees and gone on to important positions in society. Oxford alone has produced 27 of 54 heads of government since Robert Walpole. While our current political class still fiddles while the early 21st Century burns; where environmental collapse threatens us and a global pandemic rages, perhaps now, more than ever, we need the kind of healing laid out in this little gem.

Research and discussion on the vast, uncharted territory that psychedelic substances and techniques open up to us are already promising a revolution in approaches to healing trauma and abuse. It should give us hope that dangerous men are rarely kept silent for long…

Steve Rae (The Saroth the Mage Experiment)

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