Samhain the Dark Feast. (Part One)

Invocation of BELAROTH and THOSIS!

Ancient Gods, Great Old Ones, Howling Forgotten Spirits of Cold and Hunger! Dark Satanic temples and palaces of The Lords of Misrule. Ancestor Spirits and Shades of the Dead, hail to you who have no tongues to speak! IPSOS, THOSIS!

This is truly the Kali Yuga! I saw the Ages of Wo/Man spiral out in fractal forms. Unfolding like the thousand petalled lotus. Like a snake with a single eye, shedding its skin… I sloughed my language/identity and Lunar -Saturnian body, with its fragile human primatism and I saw my self as the Cynaphelous, the Ape of Thosis, hurling a gibberish language at the Moon.

I realised that everything I’d been up to that moment had been a lie… I was being crushed and compressed by huge cosmic forces. Torn apart and dismembered. I had to die before shamanic rebirth!

My egoic primate behaviour was a reversal of all it thought it stood for. It was not Wise or Holy; throwing words at concepts in an attempt to make flat the three dimensional, multi-textured world of experience.

Angels are expressions of Divinity beyond normal human consciousness and cannot be understood from three dimensions. The sacrament allows us to enter the non verbal realm of undiluted meaning. Time is BABALON “Ravished every hour”. We mediate experience through language. Symbols are meta-language. The beings known as Angels and Demons are contacted through precise correspondence of signs, shapes, colours and scent.

In the lower astrals are murky energies and spider beings and unspeakable rites! Woden leads the Forces of Darkness loosed on the night of the Wild Hunt! Barbarous names are uttered in Places of the Desolate. The Forgotten Old Ones haven’t been fed. The Ancestor Spirits cry out for the Attention of the Living.

The web is an apt metaphor for I was at the centre of a tangle of loving interconnectedness. Relationships with people and spirits and other people’s spirits. In the shamanscape it’s not just what you know, who you know counts… “You got some friends here boy” said the dreadlocked Demon guard.

Pillars of Mercy and Severity. Explode the dialectic. Every idea contains it’s opposite. By smashing opposing qualities together we birth our own Apocalypse, like Ezekiel and Enoch I saw the wheels of Fire and the Terrible countenance of God! I saw letters of flaming Hebrew and Sanskrit. I made direct contact with the Neters of Time, Gravity, Energy itself!

I dined with Dark companions Baphomet, Pan, Horned Gods of the Forest and the Mountain top. I saw The Devil as Capricornus, the Leaping Goat and Danced at the Witches Sabbat. I made love to the Crone Hekate, who became beautiful and vivacious as we embraced.

The Spider Being was no mere astral parasite but a terrible Gigeresque monster with double jaws and gnashing teeth. Pure malevolence and hatred. Ghostly skulls, animal and human, with ragged jaws try to sound but have no tongues, a spectral horse frozen in the silent scream of Picasso’s ‘Guernica’. Witches burned at the stake make furious and deadly curses. I was being pulled apart by the monstrous immutable Laws and Forces of the Qlippoth. Unbalanced energy and astral shells swirled around me. I had to reach the other side of Da’ath!

I was rising, blue white flashes were like an electrical storm behind my eyes. “Everything is Holy!” I saw the fractal, geometric Machinery of the Universe, vast and inhuman and no God here. Whatever sparked this terrible, astonishing chain of events is beyond primate understanding. I understood how polarity is the engine of creation in a continuum, black, white, negative, positive, the terrific energy of opposites!

I was getting lighter, leaving the lower astrals and going to the Plane of Mystery. I saw that all systems of attainment were equal and valid. I understood in images and a kind of body electricity that made an audible humming sound. I tried to match the tone and this lifted me even further to a place of complete non being. A Samhadi I think. The uniting of subject and object which occurs as the shell ‘personality’ dissolves and the ego, for a timeless nano second is shed. I had to birth the Orphic egg. Become my Solar Self. “The quickest way is straight up” said the voice of what could be my Daimon…