Channel: Melchizedek (Dec 2012)

We cannot give you new info every day, you must work through what has already been given. If we overburden you with info you will become confused and unable to act. The crystal which we will call the Thoth stone/crystal will become a vital, useful and necessary tool. It should not be touched with bare hands until the next major working, the timing of which will decided by you. Every time you tune in, place the crystal as it is now between you and it will gather information and transmutational power. It should be kept in the cloth in which it now sits, treat it like a plant, sunlight is its water, moonlight also. You both received info in this session relating to an element and a number and two names. The first name is Isis = I S which could be interpreted as I IS ISIS also IS IS = two positives. English is a magical language which has supplanted Greek and Hebrew. There is meaning beyond the surface of the word. Thoth is the second name who is THE THE also, THAT, THEM, THOSE, THEIR. Thoth and Isis combined is THIS which speaks its own truth. The number was 3, three is the 1st magical number. Meditate and contemplate the number 3. We are guiding you toward a new Kabbalah which incorporates numerology, symbology and semiotics . This you must research yourselves,with our help of course. The element is Earth. Earth also contains the letters T H, draw your own conclusions from this.

We do not want to jabber on unnecessarily . You must be the source of your own power but know that we are always here but

sometimes we must be silent in order to let you grow straight.

Congratulations on picking up the new current. You are each responsible for your own progress but i repeat, we will always be here. Now go and bring magic  into the world  by speech and deed. That is all.


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