Astral Temple 12/11/2016…

I did the whole meditation sitting up in bed… Julia, Jill and I had planned to synchronize our actions by listening to the same guided meditation, gazing at the same symbol and ‘setting off’ at 8pm GMT (everyone’s always invited but we’ve given up trying to organize large groups, it get’s too complicated with time zones etc.).
I started preliminary rituals at about 7.40pm, wearing a Tibetan beaded necklace i’ve attached various crystals, amulets and a pouch Jill and i made many years ago containing certain herbs and incense, tiny sigils and quartz chips. I also put on a large ring i now use only for Magick. I put on my headphones and listened to the ‘Tears of Isis’ youtube mix.
The music is very primal and powerful and as with the things just described, through frequent use in all workings become triggers into a magickal mindset, allowing the physic censor to be disarmed in the process of sensory overload. Loud music, energetic banishing pentagram ritual, middle pillar but bringing energy for root to crown then opening it out to form a beautiful toroidal field of shimmering blue white light. I got under my duvet and put a fleecy blanket around my shoulders in the lotus position. It was dark so i lit one large white candle.
As i got into the meditation i realized i’d actually posted the wrong one! ‘network of light 111’ was a separate exercise Jill and i had recorded. I meant to post the plain old Astral Temple one…

I have abandoned a lot of Hebrew and ‘Barbarous Names’ for names of power and protection from my own journey, accumulated after years of experimenting.
Thoth, Isis, Horus and Hathor are East, West, South and North, Nuit and Geb are above and below. I use the word Thosis a lot and ‘Ahista Tah’ which came through in a channel and is my equivalent of Le Olahm Amen and a whole lot of other gobbledegook. So I’m listening to powerful shamanic drums and waving my joint in the air as sage, and i raise my arms into a V shape with my wand in one hand and dagger in the other and feel a lot of energy, it feels like a charge of electricity leaps from each weapon and joins in the middle, i could manipulate this energy by moving my arms and making it into a wave of what looked (in my minds eye) like plasma. I then built a large sphere  of glowing silver energy, so i was off to a good start. After the excellent recorded meditation  I visualized the Temple. The transition to The T.H.O.T.H. Temple is achieved by simply imagining it the way it’s described in our writings, no two will be the same but they should share common features like the Dais of the Gods and Lotus Pool*. My intention was to use the accumulated power of this space to re-connect with the Thosis mythos, celebrate personal victories and send power to people who are being oppressed and slaughtered across the globe. I especially concentrated on the Dakota pipeline so my trip took on a very Native American flavour.

After entering the temple i almost at once found myself in a tepee, like Julia the holes at the top caught my attention, the way the light came through and mingled with the thick smoke that some 19th century looking Lakota performed purification ceremonies. In all my temple journeys there has been a mix of all times and cultures. All my guides, HGA and a few characters from previous experiences, Arbatel the wizard, Sasso the disgraced shaman- my grandfather… I definitely felt Jill and Julia were there, there was a joyful vibe, but we had a serious purpose and the ceremony was solemn. It’s hard to stay focussed and to remember details so i voice recorded the whole 55 mins. If i hadn’t i’d have forgotten it like a dream, which is similar…

I take my place in a circle with the group and the Egyptian music is still loud in my ears but it sounds perfectly in context.

(From voice recorder)
“Ahista Tah! I see an indian standing on top of of impossibly large flat mesa, he looks down on a dry and desolate land, no buffalo no buildings… nothing, just red dust. He wears a spotted shirt and a single feather in his hair, it is Sitting Bull. I see his face and it begins to turn into a psychedelic poster (a vision from Assisah of a work i must complete). It dissolves into scenes from the days before the whites had taken the land. Warriors hunt 
buffalo, i see a spear being thrown, children laughing and swimming in a crystalline river. I’ve been here many times but not since the channeling days with Jill back in the beginning. The same light blue white flashes i saw in the fire at Ocean Star were glittering everywhere. (This blue/white light seems to occur in meditation or during trips).

Arbatel tells me that Thoth is joining the Council. A time of great strife is ahead i fear.  Again the message is keep on holding out, protest, non-violence, overwhelm with sheer numbers. We are here to free all Mankind, from debt slavery, and starvation. We are the rainbow alliance, the light beings, the Pleiadeans, the Mantis being EFFEROD, little groups of entities like us meeting all over the world (multi-verse?), drawing down the power of the true light, the gentle light of the Grandfather who asks for no blood, or pain or suffering. He cares for us, the children, just as the Great Mother, Earth.
Hathor is here, jet black hair… she has magnificent opal eyes, like a cats. People of  T.H.O.T.H. over 1000 strong. Come together. I ask all your higher selves to help us in this project, we must spread our light across the globe, on every continent, giving hope, overthrowing tyranny, ending the power of the corrupt capitalists, a great cleansing must come. I sound like an Evangelist but this is my truth right now. I see a world out of control, but such peace within us, if we look for it. I see the face of a young woman: Jill or Julia, or the face of an archeptypal  woman?. I feel a great love for the whole group, (not sure who is/was speaking, me or Thoth, feels like me). I love all sentient life and all particles of matter  are in some way sentient, some just vibrate at a lower rate, everything is alive in the electric multiverse! Julia, Jill and I are now at the Lotus Pool, we step in and are now on the outskirts of the same lakota village. Before the evil came to America, it is like heaven. Wakantanka, you must stop the U.S. government in their reign of terror, this is what Magick should be used for, not petty personal

It stops there, i was tired and wanted to make the return journey as i was drowsy… This is way too long anyway so if anyone made it this far, thank you! 609/906!


Samhain at The Magic Cottage.

We sat on the rocks and absorbed the warm October sun, low in the roiling sky. A five minute walk from the cottage and we’re at the point where the river Spey joins the sea.
Strange optical effects made the water seem higher than the bank, diamonds of light glittered on the water… whirlpools bubbled at our feet. The sky and water became indistinguishable… It was the afternoon before we took the sacrament and it was already magickal.

We bathed in water infused with rock salt, frankincense and lavender and did our preliminary rites. I did a Lesser Banishing Pentagram Ritual and Middle Pillar while we sat in the East room which was set up with an altar, fruit and flowers, crystals, wand, ankh and two cups of mushroom tea. Jill ‘Opened the Ways’ and brought in our pantheon of gods, guides and cosmic energies, we finished with both of us doing ‘The Lotus Wand’ chanting “Tho-sis” at every chakra, tuning in using sound. The room shone in pink, purples and reds, petals scattered on the floor, sandalwood and patchouli incense and warm candlelight gave the ‘temple’ an otherworldly feel before the psilocybin took effect.

We took the liquid, sweetened with honey and waited. The thing about mushrooms is you don’t really know how it’s going to go, it’s never like you plan or expect. We’d decided to return to the river and gaze at the stars which are amazing up there (Moray, Scotland), no artificial light pollution… but that’s not how it went at all.

I came on quickly, about 20 mins after our brew. Outlines blurred and morphed, Jill looked like she had been pixelated but something seemed… not wrong but strange, an unfamiliar energy. When i closed my eyes i didn’t see the usual ordered geometric patterns but wild tangled strings of candy pink and black… i felt an alien, kinda insectoid or, now i think, it was more like a starfish, with tiny sharp teeth. I often get entities, probing for weaknesses when i take off and it takes a while to focus and get rid of them. Jill didn’t think she was tripping yet. I had done a word spell in the afternoon to use to try to get answers from the mushroom spirit but of course that’s not how it works, they dictate the agenda.

Within fifteen minutes or so Jill retired to her room, she was ‘going inside’, wrapped up in blankets, eyes shut.

Wave after wave hit me. I stoked up the old iron stove in the North room facing the sea, i gazed into the fire and saw glittering white light like we’d seen dancing on the water earlier. I felt the presence of the old cottage and thanked it, I was too restless to close my eyes as the dose was not quite high enough for a DMT like intensity so i just let my mind go with it… The iron stove and poker and the way i seemed to be unable to move from the fire got me thinking i had to keep the fire burning through the trip. I had to ‘hold space’ for Jill, who was in the West bedroom. She was Hel and Freya and i was a viking stoking the fire to light her way through the underworld in her role as a Pyschopomp. I was Thor and Odin gazing into the flames.The gates of the stove became the gates of Hel. I put a block of wood into the flame and as i stared at it i began to see what looked like runes or ogham script… in a Harry Potter moment the letters changed to english “You Can’t Read Me’ it said. It was a wonderful night, and a very strange night. I eventually managed to get one of two cold Budweiser beers in the fridge after four hours and gradually sunk back into my body, down enough to have a check in on Jill and have a sane conversation. We headed to bed tired and everything still unprocessed. I’m remembering more little details but other peoples trips are a bit like other peoples dreams, interesting to only the dreamer… I think it takes months for some plant teachings become accessable. I also believe it can be a healing and cleansing agent, like getting your brain cleaned from the inside…

I could go on but this isn’t really about my trip but the amazing base we have for future Workings. T.H.O.T.H. has been on the back burner as i adjusted to a new, demanding job but those four nights at Ocean Star were so energizing. Being so close to nature, the elementals, the huge sky, the visibility of the stars, Jill’s cottage is yet another confirmation we’re still on the path and working with her as a Priestess of Thosis is still far more powerful then anything i accomplish alone. Our relationship is platonic but the male/female energetic hook up is very effective for us.

We have a lot of new members and we hope that some of you will work with us on various experiments. Anyone unfamiliar with our ‘Astral Temple’ should check out posts on this blog and also Jill’s ‘What Dreams May Come’ on WordPress. We’ll definitely be doing a synchronized attempt at the Winter Solstice but it can be very difficult to arrange with members all over the world, nevertheless we’ll keep trying…

Love Evolve Revolve