Journal Magick (continued).

So this journal thing is really working, it’s a mix of sigil writing and my vague idea of NLP. Basically it’s selecting an outcome from a myriad of possibilities and writing it down, preferably in a magical diary… The book should be used for no other purpose than magick or a record of spiritual practice. A book that evolves with you, my first journals were full of poetry and prose, then i started praxis and the pages overflowed with carefully copied and traced diagrams and alphabets and ciphers… Now they describe my day before it happens and i’m having a 90% success rate. My designs are achievable, I visualize all the likely scenarios and simply choose the best one. Some days it’s not getting fired some days it’s getting a good haircut or selling a painting. Be specific! I use capital letters for ‘manifesting statements’, use the word I WILL a lot and it just works.
A lot of good things are happening to me just now, by the sweat of my fey brow i’ve kept a decent job and have resigned to go to another company for better hours and pay!
This sounds horribly mundane but i got completely lost somewhere back in the 90’s at The Pelican Club and had never held a job for more than 6 months. I was always painting and doing magick but i was still in a kind of daydream… working the sphere of Yesod and the Element of Air brought the crisis necessary to blow the cobwebs away and i suddenly had clarity. I found myself capable of much more, in the ‘real’ world.
It’s interesting that some NLP teachers reinforce positive mental programming by involving the body memory. Anchoring an idea with a physical reinforcement be it Tai Chi or Ritual Magick. This is what we do with our Pentagrams and Hexagrams, among many other things of course.
Each Elemental phase of Magical work provokes the inner circumstances for Alchemical change, the process…
Reality is pliable, elastic,  but you can’t snap the band. It’s very difficult to manifest a sports car if you’re homeless, so you work in your workaday life, using these statements of intent, which can also be written in past tense, daily…
Always use positive language, apparently the mind does not read negatives so “The boss won’t sack me today” is negative. “I’ll have a great meeting with my boss and everything will be resolved” is much better. I know you’ve probably read this kind of article before and never tried it. I’m not saying anything new, just that i’ve found a technique that’s working very well for me…
Try it and and see.