Samhain, The Dark Feast. (Cut-Up)

img_20180715_0440311700233031.jpgSpiral out in fractal forms. Fractal forms of Thosis, hurling a gibberish language at the Moon… “Ravished every hour”. We mediate experience through language, symbols are as Angels and Demons, is as the Hrumanchis, the Ape of Invocation… of BELAROTH and THOSIS! And THOSIS! It’s skin I sloughed my Misrule. Of Misrule. Ancestor Spirits and the three dimensional world. Dimensional world. Angels Wild Hunt! Wild Hunt! Barbarous names are murky energies and spider beings language at the Moon. The Moon. I haven’t been fed. Been fed. The Ancestor Spirits cry out for the realised. Everything I’d been on  that night of the up to that moment had ego and Lunar -Saturnian body. Desolate. Body, Desolate.

The Forgotten Old Ones uttered in Places of the Throwing words at concepts from dimensions beyond normal and unspeakable rites! Unspeakable rites! Woden leads all.  I thought it the lower astrals and spirits and other people’s who you know counts… You spirits. “You spirits”. In the shamanscape it’s web is an apt metaphor not just what you know, tongues to speak! To speak! This is communication here. Communication here. The beings known primate behaviour was a reversal. Truly the Kali Yuga! Kali Yuga! Signs, shapes, colours and scent. And scent. Understood from three dimensions. Three dimensions.

The Shades of the Dead, hail undiluted meaning! Undiluted meaning! Time is BABALON. The Forces of Darkness loosed with its fragile human primatism and Hunger! And Hunger! Dark Satanic temples saw the Ages of Man. Ancient Gods, Great Old Ones, a silly monkey for daring huge cosmic forces… My egoic thinks it was smart. Was smart. Unfolding like the thousand petalled, contacted through precise correspondence of being crushed and compressed and stood for. Stood for.

It was not some friends  attempt to make flat lotus, like a snake shedding… Attention of the Living… The Living, The Howling Forgotten Spirits of Cold. The most powerful form of “I was a lie”. I was and I saw my self the non verbal realm of Wise or Holy. Or Holy. It was shamanic interconnectedness. Shamanic interconnectedness. Relationships with people, human consciousness cannot be sacrament that allows us to enter you who have no centre of a tangle of and palaces of The Lords. The Lords.

I like to Imagine us as Wolves


I like to imagine us as wolves.

Fierce teeth, fur clad, we bare our fangs and drink in the mutual scent of morning…

“Oh! when the sun spreads across the ice you would think this not the world but some other place…”

Panting and rolling, we stalk together,

under tumultuous skies.