Journal Magick & Writing the Future.


If we are truly the microcosm, the mirror of all, then everything is interior and to ‘Know Thyself” is the keystone of Magick. We must use our minds & bodies & consciousness to know the Impossible Truths and Secrets of the Multi-verse.

It is known that the Magician can affect reality to his/her will but achieving ‘real’ results is sometimes difficult to gage. Never straightforward and sometimes downright capricious, using magickal techniques to make things happen definitely works, just not always in the way you expect it to. One of my very first ritual attempts to manifest money (what else!)
may have caused me to inherit a large sum of money from an almost cliched great aunt who my family barely remembered. Was this a spectacular bullseye or something that would have happened anyway? As a magician one must believe the former, for as the Chaotes say “Belief is a tool”.

We know that the importance of keeping a Magical Diary is one of the very first things you’ll read in any book on magick or taught in an order but it took me a long time to realize the power it has as a magickal ‘weapon’ (in the sense that the wand and dagger are weapons.)
Words, spoken and written create our shared reality. Language is one of the most important aspects of consciousness. Lately I’ve been experimenting with what i write in my journal. In a Burroughsian way i have starting writing ‘scripts’ for future happenings.
Almost like writing what has not yet happened in the past tense… it has been amazingly effective.

My thick brown papered journal, heavy with symbols and ideas is an excellent vehicle for a magickal current.

At first i was just careful never to put negative statements or worries in the book. If what i write becomes reality it must be the best, most interesting reality available. I took it a step further when i wrote out passages describing exactly what would happen at a meeting at work or some other mundane matter. The meeting was real proof for me. I’d made a mistake at work and my boss wanted to ‘talk to me’ about it. There are redundancies happening at the moment and our whole department is being broken up… I knew it wasn’t going to be too serious but a black mark could mean being unemployed soon so i wrote out exactly how i wanted it to go. I visualized the office, my boss, lots of details, the layout of the office… I ran through the whole meeting as i projected it in my mind, writing it, manifesting it. I wrote the best possible realistic outcome. I saw D***** be friendly and cool. I saw myself begin to make apologies but be stopped and told this was just a meeting to review my first three months… Without going into boring detail it was a total success and i learned i’ll keep my job and all is well. It’s spookily accurate the way it turned out.

Sigils can take weeks or months to work (occasionally before you’ve even done them too admittedly) but i wrote the ‘play’ the night before.
Definitely an area for further work.

There’s more but i haven’t posted for ages so that’ll do for now.

Ahista Ta!