Language Virus is a Cut-Up, The Gods Do Speak Us Though…

He speaks of meditation. Speaks of meditation. Shadows must be examined and you needed to recharge, reform 2nd phase of true initiation. Of true initiation. The mature roots are strong, more, your work peaked, was harvested, and century where the wheat is sorted was not was completely natural. The break in your practice although even helpful. Although even helpful. You now exist independently. Now exist independently. Deity and influence on the Western things are cyclical. Things are cyclical. The current of practice is meditation. Practice is meditation. Meditation is ready to embark on the greatly reduced. Been greatly reduced. The love between and multiple energies communicating and working key. And working key when Jesuah speaks of prayer world. But so much false information them. False information them. The one you called Jesus the ground, which are external parts bring it right into the new ground lain fallow and is complicated. Things get magical when able to cope with storms, and you has not diminished but grown of Nazareth. The major, the main aims of the various ready for you, as you know. Blockages are why it is vital that you discard the superstitious religions aspects and gain more, shall we say. The ability to hurt each other from the chaff. From the chaff. It is satisfying you are grounded in practice, the prime brought to the light. To the light. This is we aim to correct it, to I think perhaps you were not droughts. Were not droughts. We have recently seen how relationship exists within a human love, sex has gathered around this master that be dealing with more potent energies. More potent energies. The ascended masters teachings and synthesize knowledge. And synthesize knowledge. In this phase we will through careless words and actions has with human beings at this turning point, this energetic leap is to be rich again. To rich again. As you know, all relationships. Know, all relationship. The two become muddied. Two become.


Walter and Aleister

Diary of a Dog Fiend.

Walter and Aleister

Nuremberg, May 1940

Walter Kluge was twenty one. A fine, tall, unselfconsciously handsome young man. A little gangly perhaps, his legs just a little too long. This was most apparent when he rode his bicycle, juddering over the cobbled streets to Nuremberg’s university. He was studying English Literature which was still perfectly acceptable and was expecting to claim a first class degree in just a months time.
The girls always turned their heads when Walter pedalled by. A good family, his father was a well respected, recently retired professor and his mother, though some eighteen years younger than her husband, was admired and sometimes envied as a perfect wife and mother.
Frau Kluge always kept herself just so. Dressed immaculately, she could turn a drab jacket and skirt into something striking just by tilting her pillbox hat to a certain degree. At forty two, with her Walter…

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Arbatel & Ellisor

After a long set of Zelator rituals and a ‘Body in Assiah’ exercise, where I used an improvised pranayama; something akin to Austin Osman Spare’s ‘death posture’ where I held my breath for as long as possible then flooded my brain with oxygen by doing ‘fire breath’, making me sweat and tremble. I found myself in an ‘astral’ landscape. There’s a subtle difference between something merely imaginary and ‘spirit vision’ which is more like a waking dream where the mind doesn’t jump around and the vision is constant and narrative. So, there I was, the plane looked very like my native Scotland, green valleys of grass with no sign of roads or human presence and, on a hillside, craggy slate like rocks. I stood on the outside of a cave, dark and dreary and stepped inside. I met there a rather pathetic looking figure. An old man, skinny, unkempt, in a tattered robe and a long matted grey beard. He seemed slightly afraid of me. Unlike the wizards ‘pet’ animal that can only be described as a griffin and who behaved like an excited dog, running around in dizzying circles, he, at least seemed glad of some company. Being rather inexperienced in astral travel I thought I should ask the sorry looking sorceror a question which I could check later. “What’s my name?” I asked, seemingly telepathically. The answer came back instantly “Shabbatai”, this meant nothing to me at the time. While there was no conversation as such, information passed between myself and the shabby mage. His name was Arbatel and I felt that he was somehow stuck in this place, exiled perhaps, for what, I do not know. I also learned that the excitable griffin was called Ellisor. I was aware that there was no fire in the cave but in the middle of the floor was a thin pile of kindling. I somehow knew that the tiny, delicate white feather I found in my hand had a purpose. I held it over the sticks and they burst into flames!
The whole atmosphere of the cave changed, the fire fizzed and cracked disproportionately to the small bundle of sticks, blazing away and causing shadows on the cave walls. Ellisor was almost doing back flips in excitement… Arbatel immediately changed form and became very Gandalf like, in fact as I remember he was more like Saruman, Christopher lee’s character in ‘Lord of the Rings’. He held out his arms in the shape of a tau cross and levitated emanating power. His robes were now immaculate and white, his beard dark with just a hint of grey… he emitted a long deep sound, his face dark and intense. At this point the vision started to fade and before long I was back in my painted circle, the candles giving the room a pleasant warm glow, the incense had burned out. I felt utterly exhausted and barely had the strength to lift my dagger for the final banishing and kabbalistic cross.
The next day I checked my diary and Googled the name Shabbatai. To my great interest I discovered a Jewish Kabbalist called Shabbatai Zevi (1626-1676). An extraordinary personality who claimed to be the “long awaited Jewish Messiah”… (Reading this almost seven years later I’m amused I hadn’t heard of Zevi. The internet is full of information on this figure but his career is beyond the scope of this post. I’m also slightly embarrassed I hadn’t heard of the classic grimoire ‘The Arbatel of Magic’! This doesn’t invalidate the information I received. In fact The Arbatel became very important in my praxis years later). Over the next couple of Assiah sessions I was able to access the cave again, but only fleetingly. I now consider Arbatel and Ellisor as valuable astral allies. Just to add a slight anti-climax when working my way up the Tree in Assiah, I read the Assiatic House a couple of pages on was ‘Shabbatai’! so it is possible the name had entered my subconscious, although I had not yet read that page but I prefer to believe that my connection with Rabbi Zevi is valid. Oh yes, as synchronicity would have it,months later a member of my facebook group gave me a link to a medieval grimoire he thought I might be interested in, it’s name Arbatel!



Awakening from the Dream of Life

I sat on the stool in the warm familiar living room of my ex-girlfriend’s flat. Jill had been practising Reiki for a good while but strangely it had never occurred to either of us for me to try it. I am by nature a sceptic and viewed her growing fascination with the healing arts with typically selfish disregard. Anyway, for some reason there I sat, her bright orange fleecy blanket wrapped around me, like I was at a new age barber. There was probably some music playing gently in the background and incense furling grey blue smoke… I closed my eyes but could sense movement behind me, no touch… I just went with it. About three minutes in I was relaxed but still aware of Jill passing around me… about a minute later something changed, my mundane thoughts were suddenly chased away by the appearance of an elephant’s face! Not a realistic animal but one with a great benign countenance, very human, wise, ancient eyes, tusks and a trunk… I knew this was a god but at that time I didn’t know which one. It was, of course, Ganesh, but why and how he’d appeared in my mind, still and steady, I still don’t understand.

The next thing I know I see what can only describe as a kind of film, projected on my mental ‘screen’, behind my tightly shut eyes. I say film because of the quality of the experience, I was not participating, I was watching. I saw our planet, ‘Gaia’, in all her perfect beauty. It looked close, I could see the landmasses and the blue oceans, some parts with covered with vaporous mist, it glowed with a majesty that is hard to convey. I could see a kind of aura around it, lighter blue than the surrounding space. The image was absolutely firm, no thoughts could distract me, I was rapt… Then came the voice, or perhaps narrator would be a better description… Unfortunately I cannot remember exactly what was said but it started “Look at the Earth, look at the Earth” the voice was neither male nor female, a slight echo, there was an insistence behind the calm. I needed to hear this, it’s tone implied. “We are the Pleiadians…” What followed was, dare I say, a pretty standard, ecological lecture. The human race was destroying our environment and we had to stop, there was more, much more. But I just can’t remember. I could feel tears streaming down my face but not tears of emotion, for some reason there was just water pouring from my eyes. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I was and am deeply agnostic. I’m afraid I did not immediately run out into the street and spread this urgent message. But it opened some kind of door in my mind, more than all the acid tips and mushroom induced ecstasies. This showed me I had access to a kind of visionary experience, the Reiki had somehow tuned me into a frequency, just like the over used radio tuning metaphor. I got the distinct impression that this was some kind or pre-recorded message. There was something impersonal about it. It was like someone had simply recorded this ‘advert’ and put it on an astral YouTube. When after maybe twenty minutes Jill brought me back to normal consciousness I excitedly described the whole thing. She knew something had happened. She’d seen the tears and felt an energy. She told me later the Lord’s Prayer had come strongly into her mind during my session (which is, of course the English version of the Kabbalistic Cross) and she’d ran to the kitchen and sobbed for a reason she didn’t quite understand. We were both baffled but fascinated. Something dormant in me had woken by Jill’s energy. We began to experiment with our psychic abilities, tinker with Isis magick and eventually began a series of channellings which even I ‘the sceptic’ had to admit the validity of (even if it did take me three years to accept them!)
We progressed to ritual magick and have now incorporated spirituality into every aspect of our lives. I often wonder what my life would be if not for that singular afternoon, Ganesh and our extraterrestrial friends!