Preparatory Notes for ‘Votary of Isis’ Ritual, 16th March 2008.

Purple Candle: I choose a Purple Candle to represent myself. It’s my favourite colour. It’s mixture of Blue and Red symbolising Water & Fire, and is close to Violet, the highest perceivable colour frequency on the spectrum, & therefore, all the Chakras from Base to Crown. The Blue of the Sky with the Clay of the Earth. My Blood is Red, my Eyes are Blue and my Whole Self I Pledge to YOU! In the candle is symbolized Love, Strength & Mystery!

Desires of the Heart- Love: I have chosen a Flower, The Lily to represent the ‘Desires of my Heart’. It’s a traditional symbol of Magick, Love & Beauty, qualities you posses & I seek. Its Stem is the Green of the Heart Chakra, its Flower the White of Pure Spirit. I ask that You allow me to Love & be Loved unconditionally and to work with You Isis with a Pure & Happy Heart!

Strength: I have chosen a Feather as a symbol of Strength. It’s light & flexible but gives the Mighty Power of Flight! Allow me these qualities as I do Your Work! To Fly through the Multiverse. The Strength to Free me from Past Mistakes & make me Strong & Flexible enough to face the Infinite Future with Humour & Lightness of Spirit. Give me the Strength to Forgive & be Forgiven & the Balance to follow Your Light & Love Great Isis!

Mystery: I choose the Egg as a symbol of the Divine Feminine that You represent. It represents Creation & the Mystery of ‘Something out of Nothing’. The Miracle & Joy of Life & the Multiverse.
Allow me to Penetrate Your Veil of Mystery and through Creativity, Fertilize the Ovum of The Infinite Future! Allow me to be an Initiate of Sacred Knowledge for the Good of all Life, Light & Love & to Know & Love You Great Mother Isis!

I Saroth, Votary of Mother ISIS, Father THOTH & Brother HORUS! I Celebrate Your Existence Mother/Father/Brother! I have chosen my Three Areas of Hermetic Study which i Dedicate to You in the Pursuit of Your Sacred Teachings! Help me & Guide me in this oh Immortal & Irreducible Family!
I also ask You for the Ability to Manifest the Independence to Allow me not to be Distracted from the Glorious Path of Knowledge by Mundane Duties!
I Request to Expand Freely into the Infinite, Living Always in the Positive NOW!

* Note 16th of September 2015
Not long after this we performed an outdoor Rite of Isis at the Spring Equinox, (i may publish this in the future). I DID gain independence after this Rite!

Magical Diary 2008.

Magical Diary 2008.

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