The Spirit Model (Invocation of Iambecome)

The needle my sword.

The crack pipe my chalice.

Valium pantacle, pornography wand.
I cast thee away!

Out Demon out! Oh filthy parasite!

You, the Deceiver.

Bringer of Death & Sorrow.
I cast thee out in the names of Sarothis, Iseth, Thosis El Roi!

I am Triumphus, Victorial, Recoverovable & Uncompropoth!

I am the First & the Last, Abba & Babba, Xenotantric, Zectomorphus!

I am the the pure morning & the ultimate midnight.

I come without going, start without stopping…

I am the irresistible, flickering, incandescent Shalobath!

I crash against the rocks with spume & foamy vigour.

I glisten on the sweet mountain grass under the lilac spider moon.

I rise on scented currents as the Sun explodes & the Stars flee from Ialdopan the Pandemonicon!

I live and die with every heartbeat. I fluctuate, penetrate, osscilate.

I vibrate!

I am everywhere I look & all things issue forth from me!

I am terrorist, percussionist, endless & infinite!

I create & I destroy.

I hold all things in my embrace & Dissolve with my tongue.

I am without meaning and incomprehensible, without rhyme or reason.

I am ancient & enduring.

I rise & fall, coming & going in great shuddering spasms and paroxysms!

Hark unto me oh Iambecoming!