‘The Imperial Hotel’ cut-up

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New Moon Rite of the Healing Goddess’

Diary of a Dog Fiend.



The Rite of the Healing Goddess’

The New Moon is a time for setting intentions and planting seeds in the formative worlds. Make a short speech expressing changes you wish to occur, new abilities or qualities, or the Healing of loved ones or sigilize your desires.

Tools: Imagine or Draw Permanently a Circle in which to work. Place candles of suitable colour at…

East: Isis-White,

South: Sekhmet­-Red

West: Hekate-Blue

North: Hathor-­ Brown.

Dagger-­West, Wand­-South, Pantacle­-North, ‘Cup’­ Brass Bowl-­ West.
‘Holy Oil’ (Very pure Olive Oil mixed with pure essense of Patchouli)

Altar in the East: Symbol of Thosis, Living Plant, Incense censer, Thosis (Quartz) Crystal and Symbol…
Small stool with Purple cushion in front of Altar, Big enough to sit on…

Light Candles, Incense, Play suitable Musick
Shower or Bathe, Cleansing thyself in Preparation for Rite
Enter Temple in Silence, Go to East, Make ‘Wings and Breath of…

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Cut- Up Channel…

Introductory chats – we cannot tell know what to do with it. Do with it. Of the human brain that mankind point of channeling – be patient. – be patient. Their infancy. I feel that you is the whole purpose of magic, start to operate in you. Operate in you. This with higher dimensions, the huge parts for mass exposure. For mass exposure. Not enough truly yet. Enough truly yet. I suggest you show Lynne 78% of brain – regular contact you anything as you would not has yet to evolve into will Channeling is an extremely difficult and but the daily practice of attuning, and Saroth are not yet ready information will come. Information will come. That is the the evolution of consciousness through the pay off immensely. Pay off immensely. These are like mule, while remarkable are still in a selection Practice and a wider now clear. Wider now clear. You abilities in channeling base knowledge, books, learning from others rare phenomenon but be sure original now for the path ahead is Thoth – I can give advice vehicle of humanity. Vehicle of humanity. You will notice the channel is not wide enough valuable information has come through for meditation and general mgical practice will sensitivity, clairvoyance, will power and the an increase in intelligence, creativity, psychic. Intelligence, creativity, psychic.


Full Moon Invocation of Thosis (Thoth/Isis)

Arrangement of the Temple:
Create a Magickal circle and mark the cardinal points with candles. Set an Altar in the East, decorate with symbol of Thosis, a living plant, Incense burner and statues or pictures of Thoth and Isis. The aim of the Rite is to invoke the composite, androgynine deity THOSIS.

Weapons & Layout:
East- Altar, Dagger, incense, white candle- AIR
South- Wand, red candle- FIRE
West- Chalice, blue candle- WATER
North- Pantacle, green or brown candle- EARTH
(Pad and pencil within circle in case of visions)

Purification and Consecration:
Take chalice containing salt water to Altar, raise above head and say “Oh you souls of NIGHT, water dwellers, purifiers, ye of the Sycamore Tree of ISIS. I have come for thee! By the Blood, by the Power, by the Magick of ISIS, establish yourselves within this vessel. Vibrate into chalice “ISET MU”. Sprinkle water around circle in a clockwise (Deosil) direction, purifying all magickal instruments until you return to EAST. Dab water on forehead and FEEL pure and focussed. Return chalice to WEST.
Take incense censer from Altar and hold above head, say “Oh you souls of DAY, fire dwellers, consecrators, ye of the fire staff of THOTH, I have come for thee! By the Blood, by the Power, by the Magick of TAHUTI, establish yourselves within this censer. Vibrate into censer “TAHUTI ASH”. Carry censer around circle as before, consecrating everything with the incense until you’re back at EAST. Smudge some incense ash on forehead and say “ISET & TAHUTI are pure, the Temple is Pure, the Temple is pure I am pure, I am purified with the waters of the Goddess, I am consecrated by the flame of the God!” Replace censer on the Altar.

Five Bodies Cross:
Draw down Light as in Kabbalistic Cross
Instead of ‘Ateh’ say ‘SAHU’ above head
Touch Solar Centre say ‘KHU’
Point below say ‘AUFU’
Touch Right Shoulder say ‘KA’
Touch Left Shoulder say ‘HAIDIT’
vibrate “THOSIS!”


Invoking Pentagram Ritual:
East: Draw invoking AIR pentagram, stab centre and vibrate “Aset Nef”
South: Draw invoking FIRE pentagram, stab centre and vibrate “Tahuti Ash”
WEST: Draw invoking WATER pentagram, stab centre and vibrate “Anqet Mu”
NORTH: Draw invoking Earth pentagram, stab centre and vibrate “Tetu Ta”


About me flame the Pentagrams and within me shineth the six rayed star of THOSIS! Mighty of Magick, Mother and Father of Khem, Brother and Sister of the Moon, Neters of Love, Wisdom and Mystery I invoke Thee! Let the Ibis and the Kite join in spiralling flight and make UNION! Combine thy Lunar mysteries and come unto me! Thoth, Isis, Thoth, Isis, THOSIS, one being, THOSIS, liquid mercurial Deity of Infinite Power, Thee I invoke! ISETH, THISIS, THOSIS, Thee I Invoke!
Imagine as best you can Isis and Thoth uniting and becoming one being. See the symbol of THOSIS glow with brilliant white light. Feel you have successfully invoked the qualities of Thoth/Isis- THOSIS…

Thosis Wand:
(Similar to Middle Pillar Exercise)
Imagine sphere of white astral light above Crown chakra and vibrate “Thosis”, repeat at each classical chakra (3rd eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base), draw energy into centre of the Earth and back up through the Crown, breathe up and down at least four times creating a toroidal (donut shape) energy field. You may wish to visit the ‘Astral Temple of Thosis’ (as described in last ritual) While sitting in this healing, beneficial force field project your ‘intentions’ out into the multiverse. If you have prepared sigils activate them now. After this stay relaxed and grounded in the circle. You may want to write down any words symbols or visions you received during meditation. Give yourself time to ground fully. When you’re ready, do the BANISHING forms of the Elemental Pentagrams…

Repeat Five Bodies Cross

Give thanks to each direction as you blow out the candles, from North to East. Give License to depart. When back to ‘normal’ consciousness, say the words ‘Ahista Tah!”

The Ritual is now Complete