Future Tribe (Cut-Up)

Book of the Dead. ‘The Dead’. A consistent feature of enlightenment is to claim that future space for the tribe. The tribe. At first we are in an impossible place where only Magi and Ippisimi look into our own programme codes… Programme codes… Technology and social media, where we form little tribes of mutual interest, it is a potentially explosive way to navigate our own death? Own death? It came History… Came History is really possible, not-here place, back home to show the tribe. The tribe. And, most importantly, taking something from that non-local, certain plants and fungi, imbibing the miracle cure… Miracle cure… Questions.

“Write your own script” they said. They said. The another is the voice(s) of something that is the profundity of the psychedelic experience and how to probe the uncreated like ectoplasm, stretching tendrils astral world of Horus, Hecate and Odin, Hathor… or does the sacred molecule simply offer a Transcendental Object at the End of Elve? That seems very interested in DNA/RNA some ancient species who happen to live in my last journey so the transition was very. The magician is a pyschonaut or nothing. Or nothing. Only it validates magick by confirming there are other correct. Other correct. I shouted questions into the void and I’m trying to reach back in to communicate and correspondences and much occult lore seems absolutely passed it easily and bathed in the feminine quick. Feminine quick. The spider demon was present but I “Why Not?”. “Why Not?”.

We must imprint the higher circuits has a voice. A voice. The voice of the Fairie godforms are accessible and available. And available. The sacrament itself most powerful tool we possess. We possess. Combined with digital must battle through the psychic detritus which in and evolution, they want us to take them in the experience does it make absolute sense. Absolute sense. To me that we may need a ‘Western great poet Shelley declared “Poets are the unacknowledged glow of an amethyst forest… Amethyst forest… I felt like want you to become like them, they say legislators of the future”. The future. Burroughs realized the cut-up, The Tree of Life is a sublime graph and Lilith and the pantheon of archetypes. Of archetypes. These magickal terms constitute the lower astral planes. Astral planes. Luckily End of Time and you’re all invited! All invited!” They not us. Not us. It allows us to enter the going on a journey through the Looking Glass, beyond time. Beyond time. That place beyond time is not Magick combined with the sacramental elixir is the said… They

said… They know you and remember you and so. And so. We are post- modern shamans deliberately invoking into space! Into space! “There’s a Psychedelic Ball!”

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