Language Virus is a Cut-Up, The Gods Do Speak Us Though…

He speaks of meditation. Speaks of meditation. Shadows must be examined and you needed to recharge, reform 2nd phase of true initiation. Of true initiation. The mature roots are strong, more, your work peaked, was harvested, and century where the wheat is sorted was not was completely natural. The break in your practice although even helpful. Although even helpful. You now exist independently. Now exist independently. Deity and influence on the Western things are cyclical. Things are cyclical. The current of practice is meditation. Practice is meditation. Meditation is ready to embark on the greatly reduced. Been greatly reduced. The love between and multiple energies communicating and working key. And working key when Jesuah speaks of prayer world. But so much false information them. False information them. The one you called Jesus the ground, which are external parts bring it right into the new ground lain fallow and is complicated. Things get magical when able to cope with storms, and you has not diminished but grown of Nazareth. The major, the main aims of the various ready for you, as you know. Blockages are why it is vital that you discard the superstitious religions aspects and gain more, shall we say. The ability to hurt each other from the chaff. From the chaff. It is satisfying you are grounded in practice, the prime brought to the light. To the light. This is we aim to correct it, to I think perhaps you were not droughts. Were not droughts. We have recently seen how relationship exists within a human love, sex has gathered around this master that be dealing with more potent energies. More potent energies. The ascended masters teachings and synthesize knowledge. And synthesize knowledge. In this phase we will through careless words and actions has with human beings at this turning point, this energetic leap is to be rich again. To rich again. As you know, all relationships. Know, all relationship. The two become muddied. Two become.


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