I see the holographic future with life size bio units providing companionship and entertainment. Instant global communication through the new language translator, allowing us to share information as never before. The network of light is rhyzohmatically spreading. “You can’t stop an idea”.

She told me she was writing predictions on parchment and sealing them with wax and the Thosis seal. Seal! Saroth’s spirit animal… did she?

So, boundaries are dissolving nicely and reality with it. “Talk about mandala effect!”

“It’s Mandella”

Words invoke so I invoke with words. Images evoke so I evoke with paintings and symbols. “A picture tells a hundred stories!”

“It’s a thousand, isn’t it?”.

So the controllers have lost their black lodge hoodoo and are believed to be hiding in a cave complex in New Aberdeen. Our psychic sniffer dogs are trained to pick up the astral trails of louche…

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