Demons and Malefactors on the Astral Plane, (as relating to the psychedelic experience).

To have been lazy, neglecting a course of ritual magick, putting off LBRPs because you work all the time… then taking a large dose of psilocybin can feel like suddenly being dropped into very deep and murky waters.

Magick and mushrooms should be very good friends. Magick provides the perfect framework for navigating the landscape the mushroom provides. A big trip, like near death O.B.E.s, seems to mirror the beliefs and expectations of the experiencer, to an extent, but more importantly there is something larger at play. The elevated state of consciousness generated by psilocybin is not the DMT flash but a prolonged journey into the world of demons and angels and a glimpse into the vaults of heaven.

The demons and low lives swarm around you when you’re first plunged into that black formless ocean. As you struggle to cope with the sudden transition you become aware of others around you. Like Interzonian street hawkers they see you, a foreigner. “Hey I can get you outta here man, jusst help me a li’l”. They come in skeletal, crow faced, “I can get you to the next level kid just sign here”. I saw a huge mantid type creature once, it wore a tiny blue cloak. It only wanted to observe so I said sure, why not?

The last time the mushroom said “Come before me naked”, which I took to mean, ditch the baggage. “You are your own Mother & Father… rebirth yourself!”. So I, at the highest level of i-ness became utterly free and rose higher still… I saw crystalline structures imposed on the architecture of the room with my eyes open.

With my eyes closed i soared up and up losing all sense of body. I was shedding layers of programming like a snake sloughing its skin. I was entering the realms of pure experience, unmediated by primitive primate language.

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