The world of occult magic is dizzying and baffling in it’s complexity. The Babble-on of ten thousand voices, information overload; a web of competing systems and ideas. In a churning ocean of sometimes meaningless language we must navigate primarily through our own experience.

Creating a coherent model takes time and a continual flow of contact with the angels, demons and godforms of our imaginations.

Praxis accelerates the many faceted process called initiation. The gathering of data is less important than developing a relationship with these personified forces.

Each star must find its path. The raising of the kundalini serpent is the aim of the adept.

We must kindle the spark of divinity inside to become a phosphorus flame. Illuminating the darkness of the unacknowledged self. All must be brought to that searing light because that self is every god you’ll ever need.

We are all initiates, marked by birth and sailing on the solar bark of Ra to the end of time.

Magic is the engine of societal evolution. Whatever consciousness is, it works, refining and perfecting itself, into the future through artists, scientists and visionaries. Culture changers who perceive the ancient teachings of the fallen angels.

Every action causes a reaction. We all make waves in the morphic field. If you take responsibility for every phenomenon you will eventually be the master of happenstance.

We must seize control of our minds and nervous systems and the multiverses within will unfold before us. We can become our own meta-programmers by enhancing our awareness of other states of being. Invent new worlds and breath them into life. Stretch ourselves into unclaimed psychic territory and return with maps, reports and stories. To bring an artefact back is the Promethean challenge!

Paint, write, invent, reach into your own depths and drag magic from the nagual. You have nothing to lose but your inauthentic self.

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