The Imagined History of Certain Northern European Tribes and Other Bizarre Tales.

After a day walking with S.L.L. on the beautiful shingle beach, a ritual bath and opening LBRP I took the ‘Mckennai’

I felt the blanket on my shoulder turn to fur and found myself alone in a cave with a fire separating me from what I perceived to be Diety.

I was receiving a massive download of information. I was still battling the Spider God (Ix Tab?) while viewing the history of the human result of the gene mutation… the blue/green eyed tribes of Scandinavia. Proto Vikings who made a ‘Covenant’ with the ‘Lesser Gods’. In the trip it was revealed that these gods were some kind of super humanoid, extra terrestrial or related to the infinitely complex hierarchy of Angelic hosts, gods and archetypes. It was not clear at all but the basic idea was that these mutated blue eyed people had made contact with the pantheon (which seem to be the same group of characters that appear in Egypt, Greece, Rome, Mexico, India ad infinitum) and made a ‘covenant’. The agreement was the favour and protection of/from(?) these beings if the warrior cults stopped cannibalism and adhered to a basic moral code which was specific and unique on earth at this ancient time where we had just splintered from other weird hominid species. We lived in dry, cold rocky territory and resources were scant. We developed engineering skills and advanced fishing and hunting techniques. We had fire, the Sun, the Sea and we had a strict warrior code. Blood and bones and campfires. The eternal ocean of Time I drifted like Floki…

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