Chanelling Methods (2015)

I’ve never channeled without Jill being there, in fact every single session since 2007 has been on virtually the exact same cushion in the same room of her cool little flat. I believe that working with a partner, especially a close, platonic, female friend like Jill, who’s been a collaborator and magical companion for many years has been essential to the process.
William Burroughs used to say that when working with friends, (including the visionary Bryon Gysin) that when two people join forces in creative ways a ‘third mind’ develops, imagine how much more powerful a larger group… A vast ‘cone of power’ stretching from Australia, through Europe, the Americas and into Africa could be! This is why Thosis keeps prompting us to do group work and finally form the ‘Network of Light’…

I’d began to worry that the channels had stopped, never to return, and, at the same time, was almost relieved. I’ve always had a weird attitude to ‘moving out of the way’ and allowing some apparent entity or part of myself that calls itself… well at first many names came through, then Thoth, who slowly morphed into Thosis, speak through me. Anyone outside (and probably a few inside) the strange world of occultism would think i was mad or a phony, and i’ve considered both options! Anyway, this is not intended to be a bunch of metaphysical speculations but a simple description of how Jill and i get ourselves in a state suitable to allow channels to come through…

I sleep on a fold down bed in the living room on the nights before our Sunday sessions. I’m a very early riser, Jill likes to sleep late, so by me clattering around in the kitchen, making coffee, i wake her up around 9.30. More good filter coffee and usually a discussion of any interesting dreams… While one showers the other tidies up and between us we set up a small altar in the east and candles at the cardinal points. Jill ‘opens the ways’ and calls on her various guides and her Angel in musical tones while i sit cross legged on my cushion, eyes closed, breathing myself into a meditation. We then perform our ‘Purification & Consecration’ with ‘Nile water’ & incense. Sometimes we do one each, repeating the formula as we use the smoke and water to mark out the circle, other times, if i’m feeling like a channel could be coming, i let Jill do both while i concentrate on getting deeper into meditation.

By the time we’ve sat down facing each other to perform the ‘Lotus Wand’ we’ve both done our Middle Pillar exercises and one or both of us has done a Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. I’ve developed my own formula over the years and now use words gained in a previous channel for the Kabbalistic Cross: “AH”- Crown, “HIST”- Solar Plexus “TA”- Base, then “TAH’ right shoulder, “AHH” Left Shoulder.

I use Banishing Earth Pentagrams and the Godnames as follows: Thoth- East, Horus- South, Isis- East and Hathor North, then Nuit- Above and Geb- Below…

We sit quite close facing each other and perform the very simple ‘Lotus Wand’ where we chant “ISIS” at each Chakra, trying to harmonize and match our frequencies, and that’s it… We sit in silent meditation and if a channel come through, excellent, if not we simply enjoy the incense and candles, but today, the energy was palpable and we got a very fluid message quickly and easily…

We are not suggesting this is the only way to approach channeling, but you can see how a familiar Ritual, beginning with individual praxis then slowly melding into one frequency could produce n environment conducive to magical trance work…


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