Pin & String (Cut-Up)

About me flame the Pentagrams and didn’t want to… there was some Magician and will make no Gigeresque insectoid figure. It was clearly characters and had to assert my psilocybin mushrooms, at the time, hexagrams. The time hexagrams. I was frankly surprised at this! Surprised at this! I was thrown by this after what felt like months of… but this does not invalidate the pacts with any of you, begone! Of you, begone!” Isis, Thoth, Isis, THOSIS, one being, best you can Isis and Thoth already described the trip… Described the trip… The mantid, aware of many other entities… Demonic entities but i wrote the sacrament (the fruit of the to wherever they’d come from). They’d come from the middle of the circle awareness of the inhumanity of the Mother and Father of Hem. Brother be dismissed as pure invention, but i didn’t have to wait long. It could not harm me, light, blue at the edges, i could see its profile and He hadn’t done anything but a an Altar in the East, decorate only be described as not contained in my body. In my body. Light not only be an act of my open eyes and empty space (couple of sigils for weeks). Sigils for weeks as drawn with pin & string. Pin & string. He successfully invoked the qualities of Thoth/Isis- ugly looking creature and as the account before the effects of it happen. Of it happen. To my amazement when it comes to the mysteries got back to his chilly studio. Aim of the Rite is and Dark, equal and complimentary. Equal and complimentary. Easily be tricked into making. He laid down, being harangued by ‘shells’ posing and took on the quality of the pictures of Thoth and Isis. Thoth and Isis. The uniting and becoming one being. Becoming one being. See invoke Thee! See invoke Thee! Let the Ibis and cubist painting, divided into pentagrams and and Sister of the Moon, Neters that i would never dare invoke. Never dare invoke. Of magick such foolish claims would simply tilt the mirror of consciousness. Flashes of beauty mingled with awesome… South of pact with one of these dodgy star of THOSIS! Star of THOSIS! Mighty of Magick, sovereignty right away. Sovereignty right away. “I am Saroth”. Upper body and saw it was mantid remained. Was mantid remained. My intuition told me tree of knowledge of good AND being known as Baphomet could easily evil. Could easily evil. I had reached a plateau few seconds (time becomes very distorted), experience. Very distorted, experience. Mushrooms do not ‘lie’, they… the air shimmered with beautiful translucent take you to another dimension. To another dimension. I’ve bags he rolled back the rug, dagger in my left hand but within 30 minutes i was coming. Admittedly i was on a shitload them a deal… It took the intensity of the experience but the cardinal points with candles. Points with candles. Set of Love, Wisdom and Mystery! I invoke the composite, androgynine deity THOSIS. Androgynine deity THOSIS. THOSIS, liquid mercurial Deity of Infinite so i consented, it turned so with symbol of Thosis, a living dimension and was like a tourist for me to realise i could kind of telepathic exchange and it Power, Thee I invoke! Thee I invoke! ISETH, THISIS, everything, everywhere… THISIS, everything, everywhere… Beyond time and certainly closed my eyes and just saw no reason to deny it. It asked if it could ‘observe’, i self sabotage but could have repercussions. Work’ i’d never seen anything like absence. Anything like absence. The plants had been watered. Had been watered. THOSIS, Thee I Invoke! Thee I Invoke! Imagine as in avery intense experience. Avery intense experience. I was gatekeepers, each one insisting i cut years of psychedelic and ‘occult visionary’ first thing i saw was what didn’t need it, they dissolved back omniverse. Dissolved back omniverse. Create a Magickal circle and mark revealing a simple circle, plain white, mysteries and come unto me! Come unto me! Thoth, colours, i could see flashes of my ‘Thosis Wand’, I held my obviously strayed into the lower 5th grappled with the shock i became brilliant white light. Brilliant white light. Feel you have plant, Incense burner and statues or i said out loud and accompanied. “And make UNION! “. And make UNION! Combine thy Lunar THOSIS…To claim to have met the in some ‘interzone’ marketplace’. Some ‘interzone’ marketplace. I was used my name, Saroth, and politely my statement with a flourish of within me shineth the six rayed, wearing a sky blue cloak! Sky blue cloak! Dee and, in large enough doses literally ‘mantoid’ in form. In all my up heavily, the candles glowed and the Kite join in spiraling flight and lit the new candle, placed it the symbol of THOSIS glow with. THOSIS glow with.


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