What is T.H.O.T.H.?



T.H.O.T.H. is a multi-disclipinary network of free magicians, light-workers and psychonauts.
We are largely self initiated and unaffiliated and ask no-one for permission!
We are a revolutionary movement. We acknowledge and encourage the lone wolves, the upstarts… the individuals, who dare to rebel against the very idea of ‘One Path’. We refuse no-one who shows an earnest desire to evolve. To explore with us, the myriad ‘spiritual’ practices and techniques from ALL systems. Experimenting and practicing, keeping what works and discarding the rest…
We respect all systems but are bound by none!
We dedicate ourselves to ‘Service to Others’ and our expressions of the ‘Ineffable’ are joyful works of art, literature… For us, one original thought is worth a million lazy memes. Creativity allows us to tear away the veil, revealing the naked beauty of Transcendence! We encourage our members to hurl themselves across the Abyss, for ‘fear is failure’ when it comes to finding the God & Goddess within.
We despise religion and expose it as just another control system. Throw away your televisions forever!
Magick is indeed for everyone, too long the reserve of dilettantes in silly robes, how you find the inner multiverse is your business, we view secret societies as corrupt and increasingly irrelevant. We seek to establish a Magickal ‘free republic’, a safe, troll free environment where we learn not from yellowing, dusty grimoires or tired ideology but from your peers, the group and YOUR OWN Higher Self!
We have no ‘Holy Books’, no dogmas, no immutable beliefs.
We are T.H.O.T.H.! We encourage refugees from the slavery of the Demiurge! We are sworn to establish a glorious ‘Network of Light’ stretching across the globe. We have members from every continent.
Our freedom is your freedom… from the Americas to Africa, Europe to Asia. We are spreading our message of personal sovereignty and responsibility…
We encourage each and every member to find your own magnificent, personal Divinity!


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