Asemic Writing & The Ghost of Meaning (cut-up)

More ‘readable’ than the first version, less ‘cut-up’. I’ve tried to capture the spontaneity and modernism of Asemicism…

Diary of a Dog Fiend.


Asemicism reflects post millennial life… In this new century we interact with language by deconstructing it. My friends don’t watch television anymore, we’re too busy performing word magick, digitally conversing with fellow explorers of form and meaning. If “language is a virus” asemic writing might just be the cure. The WORD locks us into the holograph of prefabricated existence, the physical body, the dull repetition of the ‘already written’. ‘Useless writing’ which has no fixed meaning frees us from the hallucination of reality, it’s an expression of the dream body. It’s the most democratic of art forms, (forms of art). With the advent of the internet we are all potentially great artists, requiring no patrons. The WORD locks us into the impasse of linearity.

Asemicism is the most egalitarian of psychedelic art movements. Visual glossolia in streams of ones and zeros with language NOW! Asemists are no longer mere…

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2 thoughts on “Asemic Writing & The Ghost of Meaning (cut-up)

  1. This turns my mind into a whirling dervish gliding in and out among the ghosts that glimpse and peek
    as my mind does when failing to recall a dream from the dizzy overlook above the depth of grief.


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