Dream Fragment… 3/10/15.

I was somewhere down in the South of England in a big, seemingly wealthy house. The aftermath of a party… I was with a very pretty girl and another guy (We were all in our mid twenties). I think i’d slept with the girl the night before, she was almost French looking with short, boyish, jet black hair and big brown eyes. Her wealthy parents were away for the weekend but i remember meeting the father, a very suave, well dressed man, before they left.
The other guy had fair hair and looked a bit like a young Tory type with the collar of his rugby shirt turned up, but was friendly and pleasant enough.
As soon as i got my bearings i somehow knew i had to avert a tragedy that would happen later that day. I’d lived through this before. The girl would be asphyxiated because of a fire in a room she was napping in later that day, i had to prevent this from happening.
I’d obviously just met them the night before because we were just getting to know each other. We went out to an art supply shop that was also a restaurant. I thought about stealing some nice, soft pencils but thought better of it. For some reason i told them i’d recently sold a couple of paintings (in the dream this wasn’t true!)
When we were in a gallery part, where pictures that looked a lot like mine were on the walls someone from the girl’s past came in very angry at her, his eyes were bulging and he was shouting at her and trying to grab her. her male friend and I had to tell him to back off. She was very cool and charming and i knew i had to prevent her from going to sleep when we got back to the house.
i’d somehow been given a chance to go back in time (dream logic!) and make sure she didn’t die this time…

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