Supermoon Astral Temple…

This was unlike other trips to the Temple and is hard to convey in words as i was ‘seeing’ and hearing’ simultaneously. It was unlike any previous ‘channels’ in that the voice i heard seemed to be mine, but exterior.

Know Thyself, Heal Thyself, Be Thyself!
For you are not only a Star but all Creation. A Multiverse an Omniverse. Everything is Within.

The hall pulses and throbs with beautiful music of every indigenous culture, that has been and ever will be. Electric guitars and ancient stone instruments, some made of bone, silk… All time has converged in this single moment. I see the march of human history. Our first space colonies, great shining cities, where there is no evil in the hearts of men. We have been freed from all restrictions, fear, shame and guilt. The serpent was never the deceiver, it was the imposter god Yaweh (Yaldoboath) and his Archons that tried to keep us blind. The group T.H.O.T.H. is but a cell in the body of The Great White Brotherhood. We must realize our true divine potential. Unhindered by unnatural laws and rules. Harm no-one and you will not be harmed. We must each take responsibility for saving the great goddess Gaia, Sophia, Isis… Mary.

The walls of the pyramid dissolve and we witness the eclipse. It is wonderous. All human history is spread out before us. it is indeed a spiral, but with no beginning or end. We must allow ourselves to be tuned to the new frequencies that are issuing from our home planets; Sirius, Orion, The Pleaidies, Arcturus.

We dance, joyfully, huge drums thunder and pound. We are all spheres of great luminous light, from red to violet, all here for a reason. We are stretched out on a vast open plain. There are standing stones which glow and hum, each at a different frequency, creating a sacred chord. All our past and future lives are, for this moment, one. Everything is one. These ideas become cliched without the experience of unity.

There is a predator species amongst us. They are the warmongers, the arms dealers, the men who Yeshuwa threw out of the temple. We are moving towards a decisive split. The Archons will make one desperate bid for power. They will not succeed, but the battle is still to be fought and we must believe we can win.

The War Song of Horus and Sekhmet begins. We carry the Thosis banner onto the field… the wind snaps as we stand proud and fearless. we are psychonauts, magicians, healers…
The Lion-People are here, representatives of all the Galactic Federation of Light…

We are entering a time of massive change. The true dawn of the Aeon of Horus, the Holy Child who symbolizes the union of the male and female polarities. The twin pillars of Solomon, joined, the two hemispheres of the brain… joined, human potential activated through LOVE. Love, even for the most evil and reprehensible among us and the species we have interacted with since the birth of homo sapiens. We need no prophets, we are all prophets. Religion must be dismantled and each man and woman must find their own way to spiritual freedom. Each with his or her own formula. Under the banner of Thosis, we are privileged to live in this time of great transition and if we can overcome the fear this planet can renew itself and live in symbiosis with mankind…

We must pay more attention to our dreams. Is not life a dream? Dreaming is the key to the next stage in our evolution. Keep dream diaries, at first small fragments, the more you focus on them the more you’ll remember. Lucid dreaming is a vital technique. Use the sacrament, use dreaming, go back to our shamanic roots. Let no one else’s system dominate your thoughts, let them inspire you, be role models, but you would not celebrate someone else’s birthday as your own. You would not claim to have written the book you had just read. See with your own eyes! Disconnect from your TV reality, it hypnotizes you.
Better the juice of a thousand poppies than half an hour of commercials! Play music, sing, dance, gather round fires, share wine and herb, play guitars as the flames jump to the sky! Observe the planets, tune yourself to the frequencies of the Earth. Eliminate all forces of control. Through meditation, find the void beyond language, free your mind and your ass will follow!
Be creative, find a way to express your deepest being, we are all potentially Picasso, Lennon, Mozart, our lives are infinite, all things are infinite.

We came in ships… We are our own gods at the cusp of the great awakening. The great year is like an exhalation. We will become fully individuated. We must help those who still sleep as the old guard tighten their grip ever tighter as time for them runs out. Sand running through their fingers, there will be violence and bloodshed but we must endure for we are of the light, for the light and because of the light. It’s time to reclaim our place at the table of the Adepts. it’s only fear that holds us back. magick is the sacred science, of consciousness, which is the key to unlocking the mysteries of the OOOHHMMNIVERSE!

Sit and listen to the music of silence. We must cease the eternal chatter and static that prevents us from BEING. We are galaxies, eternal, we cannot die, we are limitless, we are stardust, the light of a billion suns. Give and receive love, love, love.
That is all.


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