The Sun on the Path of Initiation…

After the long cold night of The Moon, where The Magician was forced to weigh his own heart and suffer the mirror- like reflections of all that remained of his ‘negative ego’ (which fought against it’s own annihilation). The Sun XIX has risen and birthed a Magus!
He has crossed The Abyss and faced the Arch-Demon Chrononzon, he is triumphant! “Fear is Failure” whispered the High Priestess a long time ago, and it was his/her bravery and integrity that has allowed his ‘rebirth’.
He is The Son and The Serpent, Mashiach (Messiah) and Nakhash (in Hebrew gematria both equal 358). Like the serpent he has sloughed his skin and is now beyond duality, represented in most versions of the card by an innocent naked child, or pair of children. The Rider-Waite image shows a babe astride the white horse which we last saw in Atu XIII (Death). He has overcome every initiatory trial and terror and is now free from the endless cycle of reincarnation (in alchemical art nudity always symbolizes enlightenment).
He may choose to inhabit another body when his ‘mortal coil’ finally wears out and, memory intact, may be born on the Earth again as a ‘World Teacher’ or, safe in the knowledge that energy can never be destroyed, only transformed, will simply continue his work in another form.
There is a misconception that The Sun is male and The Moon female, in the earlier cards there is some truth in this but Moon Gods like Thoth and the Roman Somnus and Solar Goddesses Sekhmet and Brigid prove this is not the case. Light is beyond division!
The photon exemplifies the magickal nature of this highest form of energy. The mysteries of quantum physics will be the basis of the Aeon of ‘The Crowned & Conquering Child’
The Solar Magus must embody The New Age/Aeon of Horus, where the joy and freedom from the rusty chains of religion and outdated science crumble and turn to dust.
He is Dionysus dancing with the uninhibited thrill of existence, Baphomet showing the androgyny of the Shining Future as the Sun rises on a world free of fanaticism and fake morality.
The Sun heralds a New Dawn where the nightmare of the 20th century is prevented from contaminating the first decades of the 21st, whose reactionary forces of darkness desperately try to maintain the fascist boot on those who dared question the authority of church and state. The battle is not yet won, but The Magi of the New Century can and must prevail!


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