The Moon on the Path of Initiation…

We have progressed from the Earth, via the Tower, to The Star and now The Moon XVIII. We are now moving from the microcosmic human, to the macrocosmic Man-God in the realms of infinite space… As the beautiful naked form of Aquarius in the last Atu moves into the Piscine Moon, we are shown the darker side of the Divine Feminine… The primitive fear of the dark, the supernatural and the uncanny haunt this card. If The Star is a summer evening then The Moon is the midnight winter. The Thoth deck shows us Kephra the Egyptian ‘Sacred Beetle’ and we are reminded of the sinister aspects of insects, the cockroaches of William Burroughs and Kafka’s nightmarish ‘Metamorphosis’. Could the parasitical nature of many insects (alien and unfamiliar) be an allusion to the Moon in some way ‘feeding’ off the power of the Sun?

This card, more than any other, except perhaps The Devil, reminds us that initiation is to invite madness; Rimbuad’s “Profound disordering of the senses”, which, if not properly controlled can become a terrifying transmogrification into the Werewolf or Vampire, creatures of the night who have become, in the first case uncontrollable and animalistic and in the latter perverse and deliberately ‘evil’. Yes Black Magick does exist and the higher the Magician rises the more dangerous the fall…
If the High Priestess represents The Virgin and The Star is The Mother, then The Moon is The Crone, the Triple Goddess…
So, as the Aspirant moves from the dizzying ecstasy of The Star to the physic equivalent of the come down of The Moon, he is exposed to all the fear and shame within himself that has not yet been brought to the ‘light of day’. As has been stated, in this series each card represents a marker on the path to Jungian ‘Individuation’. The aim of Theurgy is the same as Alchemy, to turn the base metal of the The Magician into the gold of the enlightened being. This is not a thing to be accomplished in a few months, but, when started it is a quest that could, indeed must be the work of many lifetimes. ‘Apotheosis’, to become a god, one must go through every bliss and every horror and remain balanced on the middle path. The Moon simply reflects our own demons and magnifies them so they can be seen in the pool of our emotional body and transformed or at least acknowledged, before the next step… the nuclear glory of The Sun!

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