The Astral Temple (15th August 2015)

Transcript from Voice Recorder..

I see myself in my light body, shimmering blue, violet, silver and gold. I see no Moon. Oh! we are on the Moon! I feel others are with me but we are virtually invisible, transparent and there is no communication.. We head towards the pyramid… Camels, ghostly Bedouins… We see the pyramid in the near distance. Isolated and stark against a back drop of stars. A violet mist swirls around. A hawk flies overhead screeching, a good omen. Vultures and serpents and hawks… Ma’at, Horus… The serpent is a totem animal of mine, does the cobra represent the Gnostic ‘Light Bearer’ or, in this Egyptian context, Set? There is no place for him in the Temple. I raise the ankh to the eastern side of the structure, a rumble of stone and the door slides open. We are greeted by an Egyptian male and female, dressed in simple white linen with golden cobra headbands, they are both beautiful, perfect forms. They greet us joyfully and lead us along a passageway, the floor is even and covered in fine sand there are flaming torches mounted above us on each side of the corridor, giving the whole scene a warm orange glow. i count them, one, two… at seven i can hear music and voices coming from the great hall. After the tenth torch our guides pull open heavy white curtains and there it is, the hall of Isis… Impossibly large, such beauty! There are a great number of priests and priestesses, handmaidens and male ‘servants’. There is a sense of celebration and I feel the presence of many souls…
I glance at the altar (i don’t even know what my offering is, i forgot to bring one!) but I see I have a large black polished obsidian crystal, as large as my hand, in the shape of a teardrop. I see scrolls of parchment on the stone slab.
It is time to acknowledge and pay homage the the goddess Isis, Thoth and Horus.
“Oh great, wise & ancient ones. Thee who have raised us up!” The eye of Osiris sparkles… All the gods stand… “Welcome ye members of T.H.O.T.H.! on this your first Solar Return and on the Great Goddess of a Thousand Names Sacred Day. We shall celebrate together”
There’s a flurry of activity, we are given clean, white cotton gowns and suddenly pushed into the Lotus Pool!
Dolphins and whales swim in what appears to be a vast underground sea. We can breath easily, I see the others as points of light, the dolphins and whales sing, wonderful music issues from above and mingles with their songs. there are other strange and ancient animals in the pool…
After a while in the purifying waters we find ourselves dressed in the immaculate robes. Thoth asks me to give three negative things in my life that I wish to be changed into positives and I give them.
(I’m listening to Jonathan Goldman’s ‘Tears of Isis’music on my headphones, it goes perfectly with the atmosphere of the Temple.)

I’m no longer aware of the others. I lay the obsidian gift on the altar. I see the four ‘Elemental’ weapons of the Tarot, but those are not my gift, not yet…
(Thoth speaks privately to me and thanks the T.H.O.T.H. group, Isis also speaks and thanks me and my friends for attending the banquet, she confirms it will be much easier for members of the group to reach the Temple now.)

Horus give words of praise, he holds a magnificent lance, it’s shaft is dark polished wood with three gold bands in the middle and is studded with gems, three above the bands, four below, a fierce point of gold. The colours of the gems correspond to the chakras from gleaming diamond at the top to glowing ruby at the bottom. It is passed to me by a ‘handmaiden and i feel it coarse with energy. She is the one who greeted me at the door and is extremely beautiful… she wears an ornate lapis and gold necklace and a cobra headpiece, she takes my hand and leads me to my private chamber…

End Of Part One.


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