Dreams fell from the sky as rain,
forming rainbow puddles like oil in water.
The Old Ones clattered down Main Street in horse drawn carriages,
wheels of flame…
Ragged street vendors foamed apocalyptic visions.
Pious Christians were vaporized by the atomic rapture…

The Messiah returned with the head of a Hawk,
Eyes blazing with mercy.

We are plummeting through time
Glorious and iridescent…
Our mother shoots our souls into space like mushroom spores;
The night lit by seven billion candles.

Yahweh falls off his cloud and is embarrassed by his nakedness
and tiny member…

Ah Bliss, how many sleepless nights? Nailed to the tree of too bright too bright! Streetlights emit radiatic malice. Pedestrians are transformed into Goetic daemons.

But now, finally, the Morning Star has risen and we ascend into a blistering sky… forgiveness and forgetfulness and peace.


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