Thosis Guided Meditation

Diary of a Dog Fiend.


Guided meditation.

Enter temple. Met by Ten Sep and others. You greet one another. As you enter the temple, you notice you are wearing your usual sky blue robe, speckled, tiny gold stars resembling a clear night sky. Around your neck is a gold chain which holds a large golden ankh. You wear the snake headdress …golden, which was gifted to you previously. You carry a sword and a pouch containing crystals, appropriate to the healing you require at this time. You are lead along the cool, pillared corridor until you reach the the thrones.
You make the sign of the wings of Isis and acknowledge Isis, Thoth, Horus and Hathor individually with bowing of head.
You give thanks to them for the blessings and shifts they have bestowed upon you thus far. Take a moment to extend your gratitude and love from your heart to theirs.
You are joined…

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