Thosis Guided Meditation


Guided meditation. Enter temple. Met by Ten Sep and others. You greet one another. As you enter the temple, you notice you are wearing your usual sky blue robe, speckled, tiny gold stars resembling a clear night sky. Around your neck is a gold chain which holds a large golden ankh. You wear the snake headdress… golden, which was gifted to you previously. You carry a sword and a pouch containing crystals, appropriate to the healing you require at this time. You are lead along the cool, pillared corridor until you reach the the thrones. You make the sign of the wings of Isis and acknowledge Thoth, Horus, Isis and Hathor individually with bow of your head. You give thanks to them for the blessings and shifts they have bestowed upon you thus far. Take a moment to extend your gratitude and love from your heart to theirs. You are joined by Kali on your left side and the Archangel Michael on your right. They are here to assist with the removal of the lower energies you wish to be returned to their origin. You shall now state the nature or names of these lower energies and request that they be lovingly removed from your being on all levels and that you be purified on all levels. “I ******* command the safe and total release through divine love and will, the following entities and the feeling they invoke in me, for example… Anxiety, present fear of speaking, being heard, laziness and lethargy, pointlessness, shame. To be replaced with their divine opposites. Together, you, Archangel Michael and Kali, walk to your chamber. Once inside, you see Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, angels and spirit guides. You see Archangel Michael’s destroyer angels who are there to provide back up should it be needed. Melchizedek is there also You lie on the great golden slab and give your Angel’s name (or suitable Godform) use the fluorite from your pouch to assist with the healing. Ten Sep, Kali, Michael and the Pleiadians surround you and just before you close your eyes, you notice the ceiling open to reveal the star lit sky. A golden Light shines down which now surrounds you. Michael constructs a golden pyramid around your body. Kali is there to assist with the cutting away of unwanted entities. Tell the entities named earlier that this golden pyramid is to serve as a dimensional doorway for them to travel back to the world for which ‘God’ originally intended them. You reassure and affirm…”I release you from all parts of my aura, on all levels, to be lovingly returned to your home world’s where you can fulfil your own sacred purpose. In the name of the MIGHTY GODDESS ISIS! KALI KALI KALI! Let it be so! Go in peace.” Lie in the pyramid if light and allow the exorcism to take place. Know that the beings of love and light that surround you are setting about their task as instructed and that the outcome will be completely successful. Know too that the process of removal and healing may continue in your dream time if need be. Take a few moments. Ten Sep says…. “KNOW that the entities have been removed on all levels! KNOW that they have been purified in fire and returned to their world! KNOW that their divine counterparts now inhabit your aura permanently! KNOW that you are clear and free and healed on all levels! FEEL these words penetrate your heart chakra and the truth of them reverberate throughout your body, aura and out into the multiverse. FEEL the joy of this freedom and embrace it. You open your eyes and slowly sit up. Take moment to focus on the light beings who surround you but have stepped back to form a vast circle of golden light. You swing your legs around and stand up to face TEN SEP. He stands next to a waist high pillar on which sits the cobra head dress, promised to you by Thoth. Ten Sep picks it up and holds it in front of you. You notice the exquisite craftsmanship. It is made of gold, lapis lazuli , turquoise and quartz and obsidian. This is your gift which symbolizes your spiritual development and devotion to the Goddess Isis and in return for recognising and slaying of the demons. You kneel while ten Sep crowns you with the cobra head dress . You give thanks, stand and proceed out of the chamber and back to the thrones on the platform. You make the sign of the wings of Isis and affirm, ‘Isis is all things and all things are Isis’. You kneel and humbly thank all the beings who helped you today. Ten Sep escorts you down the corridor and out of the temple. Take time to gently come back to ‘normal consciousness’ and ground thoroughly That is all. Ground thoroughly and allow the new energies to be assimilated…41b13055756f56083ab57ab51da4d8e4

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