The Silver Star Chamber 2009 ‘Melchizedek’.


I am Melchizedek, initiator of souls, keeper of divine light, key holder to the multiverse. I have come to thank you and to praise you.
Two have become four. Soon many many, all working towards the T.H.O.T.H. goal. We can literally change reality, earth will either become a paradise or a hell, it is in our power. Never before in human history has there been enough ‘divine’ energy to accomplish the things that must be accomplished. People who have been reincarnated hundreds of times without giving a single thought to ‘God’ or the nature of reality are now questioning, seeking, occasionally finding. You have found the Temple of Isis, come deeper in. There is a small chamber, the walls are covered in silver, there is a black onyx, jasmine pool in which visions are seen. The walls are covered in hieroglyphics and the writings of many languages and civilizations. This is the silver star chamber. You are the only members at present but as you guide your votaries through they will join you.
We’re extremely pleased that finally T.H.O.T.H. is becoming a reality. The more souls that hold the love/light vibration the more powerful we become. Imagine 20 of us sitting round in a circle, attuning, channeling, healing, chanting, each person has a specific talent which will be discovered. These are very exciting times, you truly crossed the threshold now. You have penetrated the Veil of Isis. Not many have done this. You will continue to grow and grow until all the ugliness of our primate and reptile DNA is shed, like a snake shedding its skin. You will become beings of pure light and consciousness an eternal samadhi in which all things are equal and all things are infinite. You must arrange your group as a proper magical order: keeping proper notes, having regular meetings which members know of well in advance. You will perform many forms of magic and healing and we will compare notes. We will learn from one another always guided by us, your father and mother THOTH and mother ISIS and your child Horus the golden one.
Thoth…. Welcome, there is great deal of power in the room. The purplish violet light swirls around, breath this light deep into your crown chakra and use ‘the holding breath’ 5 or 6 times. That is sufficient. You are both in excellent spiritual health. Sol-Laylah …you are probably more balanced now than i have ever seen you. Your chakras are vibrant and spinning, beautiful geometric patterns emanate from you. You will be very powerful today. Be careful not to blow anyone’s circuits, I joke not. There is great joy in the Temple of Isis. We do not like when you disagree. You are best friends. We could not work without you. You must both keep your promises to each other for they are not just personal promises but sacred promises. As magicians your charisma will grow, your personalities will become magnetic. It will very difficult to avoid relationships. Not that they should be avoided but they must be in accordance with T.H.O.T.H. We’ve come too far to be stopped now. When you finally become high adepts after the ritual of knowing what is in the heart things will move exponentially. All I have is good news. I give you each a white flower, it symbolizes rebirth and purity, truth and love. Then all is well.

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