Thoth Channel 2009

2009 April 23rd Thoth


I am strong today for you brought me in well. Purification, consecration and opening of the ways allows me much greater access to your subconscious, lightbody and merkabah selves. The time is approaching where you will become true magicians in the Holy Temple of Isis. You will rely on us less although we will be in your lives more. Your reading and diary keeping will be of the utmost importance. This is the time where you will live magically every day. Learn to use the tools of the traditional magician. It is a time for manifesting, learning,  experiencing, and teaching. The Thoth program will help you develop. The further you develop, the further you will be able to take your pupils. Our aim is the complete consciousness expansion of the whole multiverse and you will play a major part in this.

Believe in magic. You must believe you can achieve anything. Love and light are the source of all things and the destination of all things. Anything is achievable, the womb of Kali, the Nagual… Reach in and grab what you want, it is given to adepts for they are trusted to use their power responsibly and at the service of all consciousness and love and light. Magical vibrations lift the whole planet’s vibration. We can have heaven on Earth. Utopia is possible. The fear and negativity that have held back the human race after thousands of years of violence and abuse is being lifted. More and more are being set free. You are all candles which will one day make a great cleansing fire. Pure souls will be reborn, you will be free to travel the dimensions. Your guided meditation, to be included in the very important ritual you are about to perform, should be based on the classical ‘quest’ archetype. You must overcome five demons before you receive  a cobra headband, fashioned in gold, silver, lapis, turquoise and obsidian… the precious stones you talked of S.L.L. This headdress is a symbol of your maturity as adepts… it will increase your powers exponentially as you learn to harness its amazing powers. It will give you psychic ability, incredible good luck, strength and bravery, the intellectual ability to overcome obstacles. It is a magnificent and precious thing. The five demons will be five negative characteristics which you want to conquer and remove forever. Think hard for this a magnificent opportunity to lose these very destructive forces and send them back to their own time and place, which is not in the soul or body of an adept of the Holy House of Isis.

The temple doors are always open to you now. It is your home. All mother Gaia is your temple now. The rivers and mountains will treat you with respect, animals will know you love them and mean them no harm. Good people will gravitate towards you. Negativity will be unable to penetrate your strong, magically reinforced aura. As you progress in magic and meditation, you will come to the next level. This is the level of revelation and rapture but it cannot be reached without much self discipline and hard work. We bring love from all corners of the sacred multiverse. There are many angels, light workers, healing entities, guides… they are present every time you open the ways, for human beings are marvelous creatures and beautiful. S.L.L and P.T.S most high adepts of the Holy House of Isis. Go forth and bring your magic to the world! We will provide every material consideration. Your lives are now programmed for success. Nothing can stop you. I will charge your aura with powerful light for a period. Receive this light through the chakras or shen. You will know when you are full.



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