Thoth Channeling 2012


THOTH. ‘Spontaneity, joy, evolution, internet, fundamentalism’. Feb/March 2012 Thoth channeling

Thoth: “Greetings SLL & PTS”

SLL: “Welcome back”

Thoth: “It is our channel who has returned. Dark winter has passed as the flower spirits penetrate our mother so the cycle of Magic, true magic can begin again. We cannot change PTS but we can help him. You SLL must pass the light to him. He is a natural shaman and channel but the intellectual psychic censor has been trying very hard to prove to him that we do not exist. We must establish new working methods. Spontaneity and joy are key words. The true magical formula is unconditional love. When you can find a cockroach as beautiful as a butterfly… put more simply, you must find unconditional love in all things. We must believe in miracles, in manifestation, in everlasting existence… Evolution is our goal so that the human race can reclaim its place among the enlightened ones who span all dimensions and exist everywhere in every nano second. We are space, we are galaxies, we are beyond infinite. Most of your race still live in fear and distrust of man. Very soon, human intelligence through the medium of what you call the internet… will overthrow dictatorships and mind control and the ‘reptilian new world order’. We must fight fundamentalist religions, they are zombies. They have repressed joy and creativity and have become vehicles for the beings who feed on terror and bloodshed. SLL you must heal. Lead by example. PTS you must walk between worlds, act as our translator. When you first started magical experiments they were only a few but with the Earth’s ever rising vibrational frequency more and more are ready for the message, that of all the prophets before their words were corrupted and hierarchies were formed around them. Now, everyone must be their own prophet. Use the mantra LOVE IS ALL THINGS AND ALL THINGS ARE LOVE. That is all.

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