The Star on the Path of Initiation


Diary of a Dog Fiend.

On The Magicians journey through the initiations of the Tarot he has been built up, destroyed, reconstituted and hurled into the Abyss! The figure which greets him now is The High Priestess who he met veiled and virginal in Atu II. She now stands before him as the naked Goddess, the Avatar of the Aeon of Aquarius. She is The High Priestess now free from any veil or secrets. She has crossed the first Abyss to find it was only FEAR, as soon as she jumped it was already behind her. She shines in the Glory of the Eight Pointed Star, Mercury in Aquarius, Hod of Thoth lit by the Solar RA. After the ordeals of Death, The Devil and The Tower, corruption has been endured and all negative programming is stripped away. The Star is of course all great Goddesses, Nuith in her galaxian form. Isis Unveiled… The Aspirant who…

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