The Super Psychedelic Genius Club…

From the very start of the trip i’d been seeing and feeling very heavy ‘Baphometic vibes’, the aloe vera plant on my main altar took on the aspect of the famous Eliphas Levi drawing and even a cup of incense sticks had parted into a V shape. The fabric of space itself, when i opened my eyes was made of interlocking hexagrams and pentagrams… I even felt i was sitting in the Baphomet position, back straight, legs crossed in some hyper dimension.  The further in time i move from the experience, (two days), the harder it is to resolve into any kind of linear narrative but it was definitely after the mantid and serpent experiences that i moved into a new phase of the ‘initiation’. I saw myself as the blonde, curly haired child i’d been before puberty and i seemed to be ascending some kind of elevator, i was ‘told’ i was a 33rd (333rd?) Freemason, and was having strange titles and ‘honours’ bestowed on me from silent voices. I was Christ & Lucifer and had to verbally accept this burden! I saw a man’s face, very 1940’s, who may have been my paternal grandfather, a lifelong Mason, or another man who was connected to my mother, for anyone who’s interested, his name was Professor R.V. Jones, and i’ve always felt that he had something to do with my link to magick… anyway, it was all getting confusing and i felt like i was being stretched and compressed, dismembered and reassembled.

At this point i became aware that i’d left the radio on a very low volume, i hadn’t even noticed before but i now heard the voice of a DJ echoing with a kind of delay effect, like the signal was coming from outer space. i heard him introduce the ‘featured album’ of the night… it seemed to fade in and out of earshot but when he named Yoko Ono and John Lennon, the volume seemed to rise and the music came through, clear as crystal. Lennon was playing wonderful, sizzling, bluesy licks and Yoko was making weird but beautiful vocalizations. She kept vibrating over and over “It’s Alllllright, it’s allllllright” and it WAS! i felt they were playing just for me! they’d been where i was now and were ‘birthing’ me through’ it… i scrambled over to the radio (keeping my feet in the circle) and turned the volume up, my god, it was the most amazing music i’d ever heard! it was around now that the idea of the Psychedelic Super Genius Club came to me. i was, thanks to this musical gateway entering a far lighter, more playful part of the experience. it was all something to do with archetypes, and the Baphometic current was somehow intertwined with rock n’roll… for some reason Johnny Depp entered my mind. The two Johns, Saint Lennon the Baggist and Depp were part of a club, who had reached the level of ‘Masters’ of this particular area of the Astral Plane. i began to take on the character of Capt, Jack Sparrow!, every song on the show (called the Freak Zone) was talking directly to me, guiding me…

I decided i wanted to speak to Johnny and sent out a request… i got an answer “Sorry, Johnny’s not high right now!” Hahahahaha! this was FUNNY! things were still super-intense, everytime i shut my eyes i’d be surfing waves of pure energy/information but i was more in control now. I was opening my mouth wide as huge yawns rippled through me, and, as i did occult symbols poured out of me. The whole room took on the aspect of a glittering palace of light and i could see golden threads attached to the floorboards and reaching diagonally to infinity. Another Yoko song and BOOM! i was blasted again… it was around this time that my dear friend, the one who’d told me to cross the abyss appeared in a bluish bubble at my right shoulder. he was bearded and infinitely wise, in fact he was Moses! So he was part of the club as well! pieces of the puzzle were clicking into place. Serpent Clan, the Cain bloodline, Magick, Rock n’Roll, it all meant something…

My friend and co-founder of the group, Jill’s face appeared at my left side. She was there but not actively participating. When i think about it, she was in the Chesed/Jupiter position while my ‘Moses’ friend was assisting me from Binah/Saturn. It’s entirely possible that the whole trip was a journey up the kabbalistic Tree of Life…

I was still incredibly out of it, sitting in my consecrated circle, in darkness but for the candles set in each direction. I’d taken my laptop in with me and was curious to see how things would look from wherever i was. I opened the notebook and clicked on the T.H.O.T.H. page, i couldn’t focus but a member had just posted a double infinity, very Celtic looking symbol, i recognized it at once as a serpentine ‘Snake Clan’ sign…

I almost posted to the group telling everyone they were super evolved ‘funk beings’ from another dimension but thought better of it! I sent a message to my friend who i’d been in psychic communion with, i was definitely coming down a bit now, i couldn’t have typed anything half an hour ago.
he advised me to do a ritual, i sat for a while longer. my body was aching all over. There was so much that can never be described… and even the memories of it are fading as i try to remember. It was horrifying and beautiful, transcendent and transmogrifying… after perhaps another hour of slowly winding down i felt like it was time to anchor the whole experience with another banishing and a whole lot of thanks to the mushrooms, the gods… it all poured out, although i felt bruised and battered i also felt tremendously empowered… I hobbled to the bathroom and saw that the marbled pattern was still very 3D but the storm had passed. I wish i could remember more, but that, for now, will have to do…

Ahista ta

Saroth ;))


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