Cut-Up Channel…

Divinity. This is your aerial and chakra emits the most beautiful and throat chakra – the true organ trance state will allow you greater you ever need it – as analogies. – as analogies. Men will always read poetry the ventricles of the human heart, nourishing sustaining universal sun. Sustaining universal sun. The light Feel its blood red roots, like and practical energy. And practical energy. This is the stepped in. The stepped in. You have wings now, This is the solar plexus, your piece of oak or yew tree. Or yew tree. The one known as Crowely, who to travel on the currents and one out? And one out?, his small enquiring mind the soil on which the oak see great distances. See great distances. To perceive truth with him and laughed at his of healing energy and also, should galaxies, universes and multi-verses. Universes and multi-verses. The ultraworld chakra brings physical comfort, satisfaction and infinite realms of space and time. Space and time. Engine of the soul. Of the soul. When it correspondences were written at the peak energy streams that surround the planets, anchor you to Gaia, The Mother, understand and to see behind the being raised. The being raised. I have always been childhood dilemas. Been childhood dilemas. He thought he’s figured for ritual magic. For ritual magic. I suggest the love and be loved without fear us and allows us abundant nutrition The 3rd Eye allows you to no separation between subject and object. Subject and object. It to guide you through the this temple of light. Temple of light. I draw charisma and the ability to construct a wand. Construct a wand. Any clear pointed it transmutes to a golden yellow. A golden yellow. Transformed by them. Transformed by them. This is the Tarot pack which through channeling and surrounds us in the comfort darkness of the night. Of the night. Your heart – A book of correspondences, indispensable the flame becomes the blood red out who God was. Who God was. ‘Simple’ he fulfill your ambitions. Fulfill your ambitions. It is the true initiates – * will the crown, the kether. Crown, the kether. It grounds the yellow light until it becomes to use fine metaphors, similes and could the adults not figure that you are grounded, all other chakras is as the verdant lush landscape veil. Lush landscape veil. Some things I suggest you could not prevent his demise. Prevent his demise. Fourthly receive the violet light of the works subliminally, even to those who will spin in harmony and joy. Harmony and joy. Sun. It gives you power to You’re starting to open up, to is open you feel its dynamism that they better understand the true amongst you and my friends in of speech. In of speech. Breath down the beautiful 3rd Eye. Beautiful 3rd Eye. The light becomes indigo. Light becomes indigo. And safety of the womb. Of the womb. This a crystal ball, which in men and they will be book 777 by the afore mentioned health. Afore mentioned health. It is the true organ – green like emerald. Green like emerald. With the His brain works perfectly. Brain works perfectly. He is the worlds you will talk to Bring the light down to your love. To your love. These words will reach into brings me great pleasure to be That is all. That is all. 11. 50am This is of the root chakra. The root chakra. This is of his powers. Of his powers. He had not true organ of movement. Organ of movement. Breath down much shared knowledge I created with use them as we use them asked itself. Them asked itself. It is good that of hurt or regret. Hurt or regret. This is and visit. Is and visit. Thirdly – The Thoth symbols primarily, also an excellent director Think with the heart and allow tree whose top most branches are lightening rod. Are lightening rod. Your gateway to the intuitive and his vocabulary allows us sky blue light to the heart, perfect love when activated. Love when activated. There is is the true organ of survival. Organ of survival. Do not know their consciousness is You are open and free to buy or manufacture as now you Thoth. Now you Thoth. That was a truly wonderful was truly my friend but I worried forces of darkness. Forces of darkness. Secondly – ability to see the entities and I have fully entered Saroth, we heart we feel and love unconditionally. And love unconditionally. Thought. Jesus was the son of down the light . The light . As it all you will need for now. Need for now. Earthly, libidinous chakra from which we Crown – Imagine a many leaved down the beautiful green light as the true organ of feeling. Organ of feeling. Bring trap. His imagery can be universally be indispensable. Universally be indispensable. First of all – yet lost his soul. Lost his soul. These are nature of love. Nature of love. When open, this blue, the throat chakra through which your true organ of sight. Organ of sight. Bring the hearts and minds and souls description of the chakra’s, well done. Chakra’s, well done. Of attraction. Finally, the orange of your sacral centre. Your sacral centre. It is an God, Joseph was the father gently changes from indigo to sky as orange as flame. Orange as flame. This is Jesus therefore Joseph was God. Joseph was God. Why Belaroth: Greetings Saroth and Latto. Saroth and Latto. It beyond material appearance and this is the centre of your being. Of your being. It with Saroth and like it here. Like it here. Needed no balls of white light. Of white light. Lotus flower unfurling its petals to crystal should be attached using only is here. Only is here. Remember Jamie and the which comes from the spark of You were simply open and we the Goddess and know that while you communicate the messages of the Crowely. Of the Crowely. The tarot pack and the Gods and articulate ideas perfectly with rather than some dry oesoteric clap This should be used for drawing attract fellow beings of light so a weapon against the weak and natural materials to a fine, straight understood and the symbolism he uses. Symbolism he uses.


3 thoughts on “Cut-Up Channel…

  1. I cannot think who or what ‘jamie’ could be. I have no close friends called Jamie, perhaps it a reference to a kids show i used to love called ‘jamie and the magic torch’ where this kid and his torch would go on adventures? The original, pre-cut up channel would probably be more specific. Thanks for reading and commenting ; ))


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