Cut- Up Channel #222

Which was like a lead weight, must be cleared, instead of building up. Of building up. PTS- to type, he and that we are connected through infinite powerful you are! Powerful you are! There are some trip was definitely a breakthrough for you. Breakthrough for you. There should be no splitting you can achieve any reality! Achieve any reality! The sounds! Thank you SLL & PTS 30th December 2014 Thoth Thank you a stumbling block, you focus too is very advanced work but we be impossible at this time but construction- or a mixture of the information you needed. Information you needed. SLL, your idea channels that are not yet typed do with the Astral Temple is their astral bodies and attempt communication much on the idea that things a tunnel, simply leap over it. Leap over it. May have about time and space. Time and space. Healing/new age. What we’re attempting to you SLL, you are an extremely Aha can work on these. Work on these. Just course (path? Just course (path?*) but PTS is more or a Thosis Ritual of PTS’ about the ‘Astral Pyramid Temple’- because preventing you from ascending past a did before- choose artwork carefully. Choose artwork carefully. There lifetimes and beyond any ideas you to be. You to be. You have let go keep doing what you’re doing. What you’re doing. The of a lot the non-existent past. The non-existent past. The temple, meet with others in I will always be available as ancient, wise and powerful being. And powerful being. You couple of strands of a very difficult. A very difficult. Our ultimate aim may even must always keep our ambitions high. Our ambitions high. Thick rope remaining- cut them and the magickal arm- you are the is your task to describe it we should nevertheless try. Should nevertheless try. That is, of some kind. Of some kind. I repeat this idea of ‘clearing’ is in itself must not allow yourself doubt- which a friend and a guide. And a guide. The to project our astral bodies into certain level. Into certain level. There are only a The further you progress, the less a traditional evocation of Isis using are becoming what you were born so, but you both got the group who will definitely gravitate toward you need these direct channels. These direct channels. Know Solstice Ritual! Know Solstice Ritual! SLL- your experience was is EGO to sidetrack you. To sidetrack you. This are some new members in the it is as easy as it extremely powerful (mushroom trip*). Powerful (mushroom trip*). PTS- less your Distant Healing- basically what you Full Moon Ritual should either be I look forward to the Full two. The Full two. You must realise just how T. Just how T. H. Your confidence is strong, you can for the other members of you use it more frequently, it and congrats on page and Winter in writing as best as you Full Moon has two components: SLL, the Purification/Consecration & Lotus Wand technique. Lotus Wand technique.


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