What is Magick?

The old definitions are far too narrow. “…Conformity with the Will” no longer cuts it. Magick is a slow burn psychedelic experience. Late 19th and early 20th Century concepts are rotting on the Tree. We were born outta the maelstrom of post 1960’s awareness. Then came the shamanic dance scene of the 90’s. We are the product of millennia of evolution. The best models seem to be post-Promethian… We are the Shining Ones! I am no starry eyed New Age evangelist but a participant in the glorious pursuit of Hermeticsm that we share… Something has changed, people are exploding into beautiful fractals of light. We have seen the Tragedy and Immanence of some kind of Divinity… So close we can almost touch it.

Art and creative science (Alchemy) are the way forward… Religion has failed, massively. We should never allow ourselves to fall into the hideous mindlessness of ‘Holy Books’, only the artistic imagination is truly Holy and then only when the bullshit is pared away, the death of the ego…

You’d havta be some kind of savant to achieve ‘Gnosis’ using only proscribed magickal techniques (the ones that are not concealed behind the language trap of elitism, jargon and taboo). We must invent new lexicons of enlightenment, based on openness and heroism… to hurl ourselves across the Abyss! DO IT NOW! If you wait you’ll never be ready, for the crafty ego can always come up with 100 good reasons why things should stay exactly as they are.

Nature is the mirror of consciousness and, in nature we find the key to the portal. The intelligence of Gaia is imprinted not only in our DNA but the living matter of all living things (including minerals, artefacts, even the plastic that litters our streets). All visible creation is Sacred. All invisible creation is MORE Sacred! We must dive into the glittering water of multi-dimensionality. Personal computers and social media are evolving with us. Into the deep future/past/unknown… “Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the future” – (P.B. Shelley). Artists, from the cave painters to the digital ‘image makers’ of today are time coding their unique ideas and perspectives and passing them on…

From the Arcadian Golden Age to the Renaissance, the Enlightenment to Cubism… we are moving relentlessly forward. The Age of Horus/Aquarius is HERE. We are experiencing more sudden and dramatic change now that at any other point in human history. In a few years we will have access to all the information that has ever been since the mysterious rise of homo-sap.

We may be accelerating towards a singularity where energy/data reaches a kind of tipping point. “Time to GO!” – (W.S. Burroughs). Oh Hail the ancient ones! ISIS, THOTH, DIONYSUS, SEKHMET, HORUS, HECATE… the endless archetypes of who we are and were. How do we ‘attain’? The answer is growing in the plants and chemikals of the planet earth. In the Art of genius. Sip the magick potion and cast off fear, become the BLAZING STARS we are.

As sunlight streams through the gaps in the blinds i see whirling galaxies of dust, they have orbits and are ALIVE. The whole planet is growing, evolving, more aware, more alive, more torn by terror and ecstasy.  We must leap or disappear…

LOVE-EVOLVE-REVOLVE you groovy, awesome creatures!


2 thoughts on “What is Magick?

  1. yeah, mebbe that’s why spirals seem so important to my magi-mind at the moment? I do feel drawn to non Abrahamic systems but magick is so tied up with Hebrew etc i can’t seem to make a break from the stuff! thanks for reading Frater… ; ))


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