Full Moon Invocation of Thosis (Thoth/Isis)

Diary of a Dog Fiend.

Arrangement of the Temple:
Create a Magickal circle and mark the cardinal points with candles. Set an Altar in the East, decorate with symbol of Thosis, a living plant, Incense burner and statues or pictures of Thoth and Isis. The aim of the Rite is to invoke the composite, androgynine deity THOSIS.

Weapons & Layout:
East- Altar, Dagger, incense, white candle- AIR
South- Wand, red candle- FIRE
West- Chalice, blue candle- WATER
North- Pantacle, green or brown candle- EARTH
(Pad and pencil within circle in case of visions)

Purification and Consecration:
Take chalice containing salt water to Altar, raise above head and say “Oh you souls of NIGHT, water dwellers, purifiers, ye of the Sycamore Tree of ISIS. I have come for thee! By the Blood, by the Power, by the Magick of ISIS, establish yourselves within this vessel. Vibrate into chalice “ISET MU”. Sprinkle water around circle in a…

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