New Moon Rite of the Healing Goddess’

Diary of a Dog Fiend.



The Rite of the Healing Goddess’

The New Moon is a time for setting intentions and planting seeds in the formative worlds. Make a short speech expressing changes you wish to occur, new abilities or qualities, or the Healing of loved ones or sigilize your desires.

Tools: Imagine or Draw Permanently a Circle in which to work. Place candles of suitable colour at…

East: Isis-White,

South: Sekhmet­-Red

West: Hekate-Blue

North: Hathor-­ Brown.

Dagger-­West, Wand­-South, Pantacle­-North, ‘Cup’­ Brass Bowl-­ West.
‘Holy Oil’ (Very pure Olive Oil mixed with pure essense of Patchouli)

Altar in the East: Symbol of Thosis, Living Plant, Incense censer, Thosis (Quartz) Crystal and Symbol…
Small stool with Purple cushion in front of Altar, Big enough to sit on…

Light Candles, Incense, Play suitable Musick
Shower or Bathe, Cleansing thyself in Preparation for Rite
Enter Temple in Silence, Go to East, Make ‘Wings and Breath of…

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