Cut- Up Channel…

Introductory chats – we cannot tell know what to do with it. Do with it. Of the human brain that mankind point of channeling – be patient. – be patient. Their infancy. I feel that you is the whole purpose of magic, start to operate in you. Operate in you. This with higher dimensions, the huge parts for mass exposure. For mass exposure. Not enough truly yet. Enough truly yet. I suggest you show Lynne 78% of brain – regular contact you anything as you would not has yet to evolve into will Channeling is an extremely difficult and but the daily practice of attuning, and Saroth are not yet ready information will come. Information will come. That is the the evolution of consciousness through the pay off immensely. Pay off immensely. These are like mule, while remarkable are still in a selection Practice and a wider now clear. Wider now clear. You abilities in channeling base knowledge, books, learning from others rare phenomenon but be sure original now for the path ahead is Thoth – I can give advice vehicle of humanity. Vehicle of humanity. You will notice the channel is not wide enough valuable information has come through for meditation and general mgical practice will sensitivity, clairvoyance, will power and the an increase in intelligence, creativity, psychic. Intelligence, creativity, psychic.


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