Channeled Chakra Visualization

Imagine a many leaved lotus flower at your Crown unfurling its petals to receive the violet light of the nourishing sustaining universal sun. The light which comes from the spark of divinity. This is your aerial and lightening rod. Your gateway to the infinite realms of space and time.

Bring the light down to your Third Eye. The light becomes indigo. This chakra allows you to see great distances and many worlds and dimensions. To perceive truth beyond material appearance, it is your true organ of sight.

Bring down the light. As it gently changes from indigo to sky blue, it lights up the throat, through which you communicate the messages of the Gods and articulate ideas perfectly with love. These words will reach into the hearts and minds and souls of men and they will be transformed by them. This is the throat chakra, the true organ of speech.

Breath down the beautiful sky blue light to the heart, the centre of your being. It is as a verdant lush landscape – green like emerald. With the heart we feel and love unconditionally. Think with the heart and allow it to guide you through the darkness of the night. Your heart chakra emits the most beautiful and perfect love when activated. There is no separation between subject and object. You are open and free to love and be loved without fear of hurt or regret. This is the true organ of feeling.

Bring down the beautiful green light as it transmutes to a golden yellow. This is the solar plexus, your sun. It gives you power to fulfill your ambitions. It is the engine of the soul. When it is open you feel its dynamism and practical energy. This is the true organ of movement.

Breath down the yellow light until it becomes as orange as flame. This is your sacral centre. It is an earthly, libidinous chakra from which we draw charisma and the ability to attract fellow beings of light so that they better understand the true nature of love. When open, this chakra brings physical comfort, satisfaction and health. It is the true organ of attraction.

Finally, the orange of the flame becomes the blood red of the root chakra. This is the soil on which the oak tree whose top most branches are the crown, the kether. It grounds us and allows us abundant nutrition and surrounds us in the comfort and safety of the womb. This is the true organ of survival.
Feel its blood red roots, like the ventricles of the human heart, anchor yourself to Gaia, The Mother, the Goddess and know that while you are grounded, all other chakras will spin in harmony and joy. That is all.


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