Blue Lotus. Part One…

The magician found himself in a white place. Like being inside a cloud, vaporous, visibility nil. After the Temple and the intravenous ‘blue lotus’ he was profoundly disoriented. They had planned to meet, but he’d somehow got separated from his group. White space, empty of everything… He tried to remember but his thoughts became abstract geometric shapes, hieroglyphs, strings of Hebrew letters that flashed and divided and became binary ones and zeroes. He remembered the old shaman trick of looking at his hands, nothing, just white nothingness. And the streams of symbols; Beautiful, really. He felt a great shuddering wave, his stomach was churning. He felt the pupils of his eyes dilate till they swallowed everything… blue lotus, bloooo loatisssss, he was aware that he was aware. Streams of nonsense words drifted up from somewhere within him, glossolalia… “adonaihahahavegeburahvegedulahlashtalyudhevavhe”. He drooled some more. There were gaps in the nothingness, “sa sekhmet sahu AUGMMMMMM!” That’s it the formulae were bringing his body back… He was a comet or a missile, or a glorious flaming angel. He spiralled through freezing space, he was a star… (fade to black)

He heard the great horns pipe him back into his subtle body. He was in the crystal temple… he again looked for his hands and saw transparent fingers. He was ectoplasm, a ghost body in the vast hall of Thosis… Things began to become more solid. He was in the Jasmine pool… The lotus was wearing off, the water panicked him at first, he was too deep to make it to the surface and took an involuntary breath, the water filled his lungs and oxygenated his blood. The beautiful sound of the song of the whales echoed and rippled through the temperate water. An albino dolphin raced towards him, smiling and chirping excitedly, it was Ellisor! His familiar, (normally a griffin), nudged him and wanted to play. The magician realized he could breath perfectly normally, “I must have gills!” he thought. He became a dolphin like his dear Ellisor and they spoke more sensibly than they ever had before… “Saroth, where were you? the others are around here somewhere…”
Before he’d finished his statement a massive blast turned everything to Kaos. Everything became slow motion, great chunks of marble fell in to the water, He must have lost consciousness…


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