Temple of Thosis Guided Meditation (edited).

Imagine a desert landscape, everything is suffused with a strange violet light. See a large pyramid in the near distance. Leading up to it is a shining silver path flanked by four large Thosis symbol stones on either side.
Enter the temple, gaze in awe at the huge interior. It seems to be a mixture of ancient and modern design, from rough stone pillars to shiny metallic surfaces. At the far end of a great hall see Ganesh, seated on a raised throne with a black cat, ‘Bast’ to his right and a toad sitting on the back of a turtle to his left. Give the Theoricus sign, both arms raised above your head as if holding a metal bar and vibrate “Shaddai El Chai, Levanah!” as you say these words a holographic image of ‘The Machinery of the Workings of the Universe’ appears in the air. (imagine this any way you like). Ganesh smiles and signals for you to recite your intentions for the year ahead.
The great hall becomes like a party where Deities from every tradition are your companions. They stand in groups, satyrs chat cheerfully to bearded Roman Gods… You are led by beautiful handmaidens dressed in Egyptian style through a door with the Thosis symbol glowing in dazzling white light. As we step through we are suddenly plunged into a beautiful jasmine scented pool of water, warm and womb-like.
This is to be experienced as a baptism into the secrets of Magick. You find you can breath under the water… (imagine or let any images, messages or symbols come through at this point)
When ready, a handsome naked male with an Ibis head and a beautiful nude female wreathed in light, Thoth and Isis, congratulate you and give you purple robes emblazoned with silver crescent moons and soft leather sandals. Thoth says “With these robes you are one with THOSIS and with these sandals you can forever walk between the Worlds”
You are escorted through to the main temple where musicians from every culture play the most wonderful, unearthly music you’ve ever heard. The Gods and Goddesses and the great Archangel Gabriel embraces you and leads you into a dance. He proclaims “Initiates of THOSIS, you have proved yourselves pure of heart and strong in spirit, you will forever be under the protection of the Gods, Angels and Elementals”. Gabriel presents you with a word and a gift. (these will be personal to you, remember them well!)
The atmosphere is one of joy and celebration… “Child of Thosis, use your gifts wisely, thank you for contributing your energy to our current!” Gabriel booms.
You are escorted out of the magnificent temple by the handmaidens, they tell you you may return on every Solstice and if you ever need help. Carrying your gift and repeating your word like a mantra, retrace your steps until at the end of the silver path, flanked by the symbol stones. See a door with the glowing sigil, until all you see is the symbol. Go through and gently return to your material body… Remember as much as you can of your experience and write down your ‘word’ and anything else you heard or were given on this adventure. Ground thoroughly.


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