Art on the Path of Initiation

After the putrefaction process of Death XIII, The Magician is re-assembled as Osiris by Isis as enacted in the formula of L.V.X. He is remade as a more perfect reflection of the Divine. The Moon mirroring The Sun. He trembles on the edge of the Abyss and must be completely purified in the crucible before continuing on his journey toward Adeptship. The whole engine of Magick is the transformation or transmogrification from one ‘thing’ or ‘state’ to another. The Aspirant in Atu I may have had no idea when he was learning basic ritual and simple ‘results’ magick that these were but by-products of the real business of Evolution. By displacing our ‘randomly’ programmed ego and allowing the ‘right brained’ intuitive, ‘Khu’ to take more control (The Five Bodies: Aufu- Physical body, Ka- Mind, Haidit- Emotions, Khu- Etheric body/Imagination and Sahu- Cosmic consciousness.), allows access to the vast reservoir of the collective subconscious. He opens awareness of The Multiverse as a living canvas on which he paints his own designs. As the Occultist continues dedicated praxis he grows lighter and less encrusted with the false notions and imprints that we all accrue during our lives.  As we have walked along the Path we have internalized the Mystical Wonder of the High Priestess, the Power and Purpose of The Chariot and the Wisdom and Humility of The Hermit. By using his entire being, intellectual, creative, spiritual and physical, in the study and practice of Western Magick he has raised himself to Sovereignty of Self. Alchemy is Art in Atu XIV, the aim is to become your own metaprogrammer. To form from Madness and Death the Resurrected Demi-God of the fully realized Human. The Adept must have conquered his own Daemons and not have been conquered by his Angel.

In Atu XIV we see the recombination of Magickal Arte and Science. In this New Age/Aeon they are converging again. Theoretical physics is only grasping now what Hermetic Literature has tried, in various forms to express for centuries. This Universe is one of many and our place in it as a ‘participant’ changes the entire fabric of reality with every act. This Power, the balance and strength of the Adept will be tested in the next card Atu XV…

14 Temperance (Art)

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