The High Priestess & Hanged Man Cut-up.

Accepts this is just another birth will not give away her secrets card we see the Goddess poised down and inside out. And inside out. Daulism has power of discernment and may become process of Initiation, we see The of mad balance. Of mad balance. Everything he thought Trumps as stages in the alchemical Soul’ where he sees that he The Magician should attune himself to progress. Himself to progress. At this stage in his The Neophyte should strive to maintain Priestess is then, the first glimmer of true power, The Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine. To be just a bunch of As we’re viewing the 22 Tarot Magician can often feel overwhelmed by World. Overwhelmed by World. Through Samadhi he is upside was true about himself turned out for spiritual practice. For spiritual practice. The Hanged Man, the aspirant must find a way obsessed with spiritual fads, and exaggerated and all things pass. All things pass. The Hanged of Magick, cultivate latent psychic abilities the emblem of The Golden Dawn. The Golden Dawn. Prowess, which will lead him away natural world and observe the effects and right columns of the Kabbalistic the ebb and flow of the she is veiled, a virgin, and this middle way ‘Mildness’. Middle way ‘Mildness’. The High His Hebrew letter is Mem, Mother Magician. Mem, Mother Magician. She represents the Mysteries, but visions gained in trance. Gained in trance. He may to develop this faculty through meditation and set aside time every day is Isis but also her dark Alchemic Process of Magick. Process of Magick. The figure journey he has not developed the of the waxing and waning Moon. And waning Moon. Atu XII, has reached the point and deep contemplation. And deep contemplation. In the Rider-Waite face is calm. Face is calm. He knows this The High Priestess is the triple between the two pillars of Solomon’s and the soaring beauty of Freedom ideas of his (or her! His (or her!) magickal ‘Moonstruck’ (for the Priestess is a time. Is a time. No one thing is more Atoms bouncing around in the Acausal experience a ‘Dark Night of the to develop respect for the power man has sacrificed all for Gnosis understands that we must die but is another great step in the Tree of Life, ‘Severity’ and ‘Mercy’, collapsed. And ‘Mercy’, collapsed. All Things are reconciled as she is Balance, the Middle Pillar. The Middle Pillar. The sheer novelty of ideas and is formed by the hanging figure, High Priestess II as the next easily. The next easily. The Magician must approach her is just a raindrop in the sister Nephthys. The sister Nephthys. The Neophyte should strive important than the other and The with respect if he wishes to Goddess of the Moon) and become step in the ‘awakened’ but immature temple, they are also the left true and false at the same and is left hanging… but his from the true path. The true path. The Priestess of the cross above the triangle vast sea of the Multiverse, and Goddess: Maiden, Mother and Crone. Mother and Crone. She is the personification of Intuition and. Of Intuition.


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