Death on the Path of Initiation

Atu XIII is one Initiation we all must pass through some day. Death tramples beggar, child and king alike. His pure white charger marches forward as Time itself but also the ‘soul’ or Body of Light which is not destroyed. The Magician should not fear Death, indeed he should meditate on his impermanence constantly. Atu XIII is a renewal andafter the formless Chaos of the Dark Night of the Soul. It is the end of all the human material that is not pure, detritus from the Alchemy of Ritual Magick is burned away leaving the bare bones of the Mage. The sting of Scorpio brings Death and Resurrection as in the Myth of Osiris and Isis, L.V.X.

The Magician grins directly out of the frame at us as he becomes a Horseman, as he was in the Charioteer in Atu VII. He is aware of the glowing city that awaits his retinue. There is a sense in which the Aspirant has become Death, victorious from battle, Life is the battle, the world can be cruel but he must always be a Knight. His heart has been weighed and was lighter than he thought. The world is changed as The scales fall from The Magician’s eyes. The dissolution of reality in The Hanged Man XII is reformed and re birthed from the dark waters of Binah, Saturn. A Hermetic Baptism…



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