The Hanged Man on the Path of Initiation

The Hanged Man, Atu XII, has reached the point of mad balance. Everything he thought was true about himself turned out to be just a bunch of Atoms bouncing around in the Acausal World. Through Samadhi he is upside down and inside out. Daulism has collapsed. All Things are reconciled as true and false at the same time. No one thing is more important than the other and The Magician can often feel overwhelmed by the sheer novelty of ideas and visions gained in trance. He may experience a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ where he sees that he is just a raindrop in the vast sea  of the Multiverse, and understands that we must die but accepts this is just another birth and all things  pass. The Hanged man has sacrificed all for Gnosis and the soaring beauty of Freedom and is left hanging… but his face is calm. He knows this is another great step in the Alchemic Process of Magick.  The figure of the cross above the triangle is formed by the hanging figure, the emblem of The Golden Dawn. His Hebrew letter is Mem, Mother Letter of Water.

The Mage passing through his phases as Hermit, and Lust is transmogrified. The Aspirant has experienced periods of extended introspection and bouts of illumination but knows that all things are cancelled by every other thing, so all that exists is his own consciousness. He is temporarily unable to act but this is a transient state as the next Atu XIII will pull him out of his crisis. He weighs his own heart and knows it’s still heavier than the feather of Ma’at and his journey may end tomorrow or last for many lifetimes, but first he must get down from the tree.


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