Channel Cut-Up…

Principal of the universe is love. Universe is love. Of saroth. I am here in and a few candles round edge Thank you Saroth for making contact penetrate the stars, branch out through know that they are loved and you are right, in this case An extra wish latto, clever girl, of magic100% pure white, golden, silver, tonight, i will of course be Hello latto and hello Saroc who what they have or the potentially position of points of pentagram. Points of pentagram. Latto, anything strange or wrong seems to first to reach the new vibrational flowers, diagram in Sarocs journal shows to you before latto but i lord of magic and a being l hello s, Some ideas for never static. For never static. The intelligence or organizing present as will all the archangels yourselves by bathing and wearing absolutely hoka hey….. Absolutely hoka hey….. The whole room is protected, the operation which i will preside up a loose schedule, use the have prepared well, i predict success. I predict success. , permanently changing, we are pure of Now. Pure of Now. That is all. That is all. Hello Keep jug filled, drink as much for every minute can be a the seed of man when we angel. When we angel. I came to you of so politely and correctly been channeling. Correctly been channeling. Powerful. Crystals are the jewels of and aided in your quest and i took him under my wing. Under my wing. Better. We love you latto, saroth. You latto, saroth. Be happening for I as the every atom. The every atom. Only love as compassion suggest 7. Compassion suggest 7. All is well, you with symbols. You with symbols. Water and food not and its other form, light, can show you the path to enlightenment. Path to enlightenment. Into your new beings. Your new beings. You will while you fast and when you humming. When you humming. Do not start panicking if energy which can never be destroyed. Never be destroyed. Size does matter re the crystals, thought. The crystals, thought., even a piece of granite have seen you in the dreams allow the multiverse to exist, evolve. To exist, evolve. With me for many never know huge country mansion where you can and the infinite void are never so much from me but sometimes Arrow, bodies are cleansing, entirely normal, Pick intuitively. Normal, Pick intuitively. Crystals felt and not over, tonight this winter solstice. This winter solstice. You notice the results of your ritual the circle now, Saroth has learned itself. Has learned itself. The ultimate aim of all to me. All to me. We are here to and the god forms you have the earth, not in concrete bunkers By using the techniques of meditation, not experience visions, astral travel, vibration, tree, the hare. Tree, the hare. Good luck with is Sasso. With is Sasso. I have never talked how your work has progressed since I am Bellaroth, your holy guardian are done you will be much and twisted ugly metal. Twisted ugly metal. We could imagination and intuition you will evolve cigs only every 6 hours. Every 6 hours. Tea spirits, tree spirits. Spirits, tree spirits. We are mutable same stuff so we can affect the traditional techniques which i give he thinks i am lazy and level. Lazy and level. The universe and the multiverse we train though meditation which means fresh clothes, room cleaned, thoroughly smudged as you can. As you can. Will be allowed See you at 5 minutes past as you have served the light star seed, the infant, the oak my own choice as you came or coffee not allowed. Coffee not allowed. Remember the the shadow selves will be incorporated brass bells in the ritual, purify century of bliss for those who over you Saroth, Latto. You Saroth, Latto. Latto beloved, private wishes. Beloved, private wishes. All will be well Indians are wise, we lived on our shamans have survived in spirit to be dry. To be dry. Simple organic food. Simple organic food. Static. It is our destiny to that everything is made of the this material with our minds which the human species by being the repeat symbols, smudge every 12 hours you have to creatively visualize Flying little bullets good for little things. For little things. Of circle on wooden floor. On wooden floor. I know that you are being protected of the light which is the until the end of time. End of time. Shamans violet light will cast a sphere Step lightly into the glorious future well. Glorious future well. Bring joy to the world. To the world. Beings is evolution and movement, energy’s created him. Energy’s created him. Consciousness evolved to observe to you. Observe to you. The main idea is very quickly. Is very quickly. You may or may midnight your time, that is all will be the lights in the dark winter night. Dark winter night. Saroc should draw don’t tell him anything! Tell him anything! Look at just know. At just know. It is intuition and in circle. And in circle. Bread does not have visualization and creating images, voices, animal When tonight comes we will feast set up studies, workshops, gallery, excellent. Workshops, gallery, excellent. Shared intention, why not ask for SEE as you shall see for the earth. For the earth. If it is a form since they existed and will A quest that we planted in. We planted in.


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