Lust on the Path of Initiation

This card, marking the second ‘Decade’ of the series seems more properly called ‘Power’ or ‘Lust’. Rider-Waite put ‘Justice’ here. Crowley changed the positions of some of the Trumps, possibly exposing a ‘blind’ that Waite felt obliged to keep; So it is from the safety of the calm, royal figure wearing a crown, sword upright in her right hand to the raucous Crowley idea we go . They are both manifestations of the same power. The Goddess riding the seven headed Lion is Babalon, Sekhmet, Kali, Magdalene… She is the ecstasy of Freedom and Divine Intoxication. The Magician has negotiated the first ten mysteries and has earned his ‘foaming wine’. Eleven is a vital number in Magick is it the ‘plus one’ of Infinity. The Twin Pillars of the Temple. The Tree including DA’ATH- ‘Knowledge’. The Naked Goddess with the Grail of flesh.

The seven heads and the enraptured woman are sometimes used to illustrate Timothy Leary’s 8- Circuit model of consciousness, which forms Robert Anton Wilson’s ‘Prometheus Rising’ a book which shows how Magick and other ‘brain change’ techniques actually help us to ‘open’ latent but rarely used ‘Higher Circuits’ the eighth circuit being ‘Cosmic Consciousness’

The Magician at Atu XI is getting near the peak of his Powers. He must not let himself get carried away on Dreams and Visions and clouds of incense, however tempting it is, but rather continue all banishing and good praxis. A gate has been opened now that will never shut. But always change, on to the next ‘Realization’. In Magick things work in subtle but inexorable ways.

Thoth Cards 03a Lust

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